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I am PRAYING someone answers this quick without asking followup questions -- I have an event in 2 hours I flew across the country to attend.

I have a S500, set at highest resolution and highest quality. I am shooting on fully automatic, with redeye flash.

My shots in dark areas (be it at night, our against a distant background) are appearing very very red. Outside day shots seem to be fine.

I do not wish to move to manual because I do not believe that I will be sufficiently in command of the remaining settings which will no longer be automatic, but I am desperate here.

Can anyone advise on dealing with oversaturation of red on a Canon S500 for dark/indoor shots?

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I hope I didn't miss your deadline!

Sorry to suggest it--but move to manual mode. You can keep all the manual functions automatic. However, you're having white-balance issues!

So put everything in automatic... i'm doing this from memory from my S400 that's a little out of commission until I get some superglue (yeah, you read that right). Press the function button. The first option should be EV (exposure compensation). Leave that on 0, that's the automatic setting. Next should be white-balance. Change the WB setting until it looks right, or use the last option to custom-set it (evaluative white balance). Hold a white piece of paper in the center of the image and press the SET button. Make sure to have the flash on or off when you evaluate the white balance corresponding to if you'll be using the flash or not.

The next functions... if I remember right: next is ISO, you can leave that on Auto, then photo effect, and you can leave that off too.

OO! I bet I was just wrong!! But I'll leave it there anyway incase that helps you. Do you know what I bet the problem is? The camera is so small that you're gripping it with both hands. I'm betting your left hand is covering the flash (with a fingertip or something). The flash is flashing through your finger and your photos are being illuminated by your own blood! :-)

Lemme know if I'm correct... hope one of my answers helped!
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Thanks for your answer. I have started playing with manual, but had already noticed, and stopped, covering the flash. I can analyze the pictures when I get home, but what I did was move to manual (this was before I saw your message) with:

ISO from 50 (default) to 100 (I used to use SLRs)
Lighting to Florescent
Flash to Center Zone (instead of 9 zones)

I am still wondering if I need to RMA tho.

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