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leedon Apr 26, 2007 7:48 AM

Bought my Cann Powershot S80 over a year ago and have to say it's a great camera - when it works (e18 problem etc).

Camera was working fine until a few days agowhen after removing the mem card to download some pics it displayed the message "Memory Card Error" when reinserted, this with a4Gb SD card that had been fine until then.

Tried a brand new 1GB card and got same message along with "Card Locked!". Tried a 32MB & 16 MB Canon SD card (those crappy ones that come wirtha Canoncamera) and got the same message. Strangely enough the "Cad Locked!" message doesnt ap[pear with the 4GB card, instead it says no memory card found?!

Any ideas on the nature of the problem and/ or how to fix it.

I'm travelling inAfrica for the next 4 mths so sending to for reapir is hardly an option, and besides, it'll likely cost a fortune and i want to be able to take pics now.

I've read about a fix for other Canons with this problem being to remove the internal battery, but cannot locate it on the S80after taking the cover off.I would also be grateful if anyone could tell me whereit isandany other advice. I'm reasonably technically adept so long as instructions aren't too complex



leedon May 3, 2007 4:40 AM

Now fixed!!!

a small part of the mem card had come away and was lodged in the card receptor. managed to remove this with a delicate operation involvingan unfoldedpaperclip then straighten out the card reader contacts and with a new cad (1GBKingston - no cheap crap this time) it worksfine

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