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skytop Nov 27, 2005 12:05 PM

I love my new S80 and thegreat pics it produces. HOWEVER...I purchased the optional grey Canon soft case for the S80. When you withdraw the S80 from the case, it most difficult to not accidentally press the touch sensitive controls which change your settings!!! Even after learning what controls are usually accidentally reset, it is a pain to have to always check all settings before using the camera.

The ergonomics and ultra tight design of the controls and touch sensitive joystick main control is NOT good. You can create a profile for the usual settings but out in the field when you set for a particular situation, the controls are just too darn vulnerable to accidental change. Now I am forced not to put camera in the case.

Also, pushing the front lens slide/cap closed to shut off camera actually causes a blister on the tip of my finger. Sounds funny but at a car show for example, you would be amazed how many times you turn camera on and off to save battery power. I would like Canon to have a different secure control to deactivate and activate camera other than having to move the bawky front slide.

Dark Cobra Nov 28, 2005 9:27 PM

Well Steve just posted his review and coincidentally he seems to have encountered the same "changed settings" as you upon removal of the camera from a clothes pocket (although not from a case as you report). It would seem this otherwise excellent camera does have an issue with overly sensitive buttons. Seems like the only cure for this would be a button settings lock feature or a less sensitive touch to the buttons.

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