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I wasn't considering SD400 coz the LCD is only 2". But SD 450 is 2.5", slightly bigger than Casio S500.

Will Canon produce better picture quality than Casio?
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I am seriously considering the SD450 as well. From what I've read and seen the Canon will under most conditions take better pics. Check the SD400 reviews to compare as it is basically the same chip as the new SD450, without the four new scene modes.

Wish it was out earlier. I am still using my old trusty S100, but would like new cam for a AZ/Grand Canyon trip end of October...
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The only thing that SD450 lack is MPEG-4,... they're using AVI. Caso is slightly smaller size than SD450.

But Canon SD 450 has 2.5" vs Casio S500 2.2"

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I am about to buying a new compact camera.
So I also searched and compared a lot between Canon SD400 or SD450 and Casio S500.
And I decided to buy Canon.

CASIO S500 has more useful scene modes, longer battery life, has MPEG4. That is strong.
Canon takes better picture and more solid design than Casio.
Design of Casio S500 is prettier than Canon in some way, but Canon feels like more strong(?)
and proffesional looks to me^^.
the movie from Canon takes much more memory space, but I think quality is better than
Casio's MPEG4 movie.
Canon has optical View finder which means if I use it, I can take more pictures than Casio.

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go with a camera with a viewfinder. I have an old A200 that takes better pictures than most of the newer cameras that I have bought. The LCD broke a few months after I purchased it. Manufactures do not replace them under warranty. Mine was not dropped. I decided to just buy the newer A300 for not much more than the cost of repair and shipping. I was going on a trip and did not want to wait. The point is, a camera with a viewfinder will work fine without an LCD in most cases, certainly good enough to get you home from a trip with a lot of good pictures. I take the old camera along on trips as a backup and loan it to other tour members. The LCD is a fragile thing.Panoramabob
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