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djhavoc Mar 17, 2004 11:27 AM

sd100 vs. sd 110
:?: Help! I was shopping around for a month now after reading every review on every digicam review site I decided to order the sd100 but some stores are not carrying it anymore. It is being discontinued and being replaced by the sd110, so I shelved out about 50 more dollars and purchased the sd110 instead. I paid $299 with free shipping + 30 day return policy. My problem is that I need to know what the improvements are over the sd100 and if there are any reviews available at this moment on any websites, thanks!

leemoreau Mar 24, 2004 8:17 AM

I was comparing them yesterday, there doesn't seem to be much difference. I think its something with a print option things like that but the size and specs are the same. The reason I'm writing though is I was just curious how the SD110 is. I am either getting it, for $439 or the S400 for $399 refurbished. I'm just not sure which is better. I imagine the SD110 has better features since it's newer but not sure if quality is much better in 4mp?

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