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leemoreau Mar 23, 2004 3:39 PM

SD110 vs S400
Hey everyone, quick question. I really wanted to get the Canon SD100 as about a month ago I saw it for $350 CAD. However, now that the SD110 is out I can't find it anywhere, and it retails for $420CAD. I noticed from the same store I could purchase the S400 for $399 refurbished. Currently I have a HP 2.1mp camera that I find has lacking quality compared to my friends 3mp+ cameras and so I want to upgrade. I find the quality from my friends Sony 3mp cameras very good and would be happy with that quality. I like that the SD110 has Secure Digital for its memory format as it's much smaller. That's the one main reason I'm considering it. I'm just curious what anyone would recommend. Am I better to get the S400 and deal with the CF and slightly larger camera size? Is CF slower than SD? Or am I better to spend the extra $40 and get the new SD110? The largest prints I would ever print would be 5x7 with the occasional 8x10 possibly, but the majority would be 4x6's. If anyone can let me know what camera they think is better I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!

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