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Hi All,

I just purchased an SD500. Right out of the box, my XP laptop would not recognize the camera and you could not download images – the camera would freeze up to where you would have to take the battery out to reset it. I saw this on a post on dpreview.com but figured it to be an anomaly. Guess not. That fellow went out and bought an SD card reader to get around the problem, but I find that unacceptable for a $500 camera.

After much trouble shooting and an hour with Canon tech support, their solution was to send the cam back to Canon. Great. A $500 camera, right out of the box has to be sent back for repair for two weeks. And we had an event we wanted to use it for this weekend.

I don't think it's the cable, or software, more likely firmware or something internal. We've used an S30 with our computer before without problem.

And, to top it off, we can't return it to US1camera where we purchased it without a 15% restocking fee! So we're rather trapped – send it back to Canon for two weeks or eat $75 + shipping to return it.

Sorry for the long post, but I was pretty upset by this, and as I promised their customer support supervisor who did a great job in not helping me, I am going to post this on every website, newsgroup, etc., I can find and I'm not buying another Canon. Promise kept.

[email protected]
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Everybody sends out a bad camera from time to time. Even the reviewers get faulty ones. I would certainly be irked if got a bad one though.

It isn't Canon's fault that you didn't research your purchase and bought it from a place with a restocking fee for a bad camera. Won't they replace it without the fee on Canon tech support's word that it is bad? I thought they had to by law within 30 days of purchase.

I hope you are as fastidious about writing reseller ratings as you are bashing Canon. Others need to know about sleazy dealers. They have a lousy 6 month rating: http://www.resellerratings.com/seller2898.html Notice the zero rating on return or replacement.

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To the displeased Canon customer, I'm really sorry to hear that you got a defect camera. It does sound pretty odd to me as mine, which was purchased last Sunday at an electronic store called Frys, has not encountered anything remote to what you described. My XP immediately recognized Canon's software as well as the Sandisk SD card reader.

I'm not trying to aggravate you more but if you were going to spend $500 for the SD500, you would have been much better off purchasing it from Ritz camera considering they don't charge restocking fee.

Anyhow, I've read other horror experiences regarding Canon's Elph and SD camera models that some customersclaim their camera's lcd screen would crack (in some cases, in matter of hours of use or within few days, weeks), the infamous E18 error message that would prevent camera from operating and/or causing the lens to stop retracting. I'm sure the claims are true, but I'm willing to say the percentage of such mishaps happening are very low. I'm a long time Canon customer and NEVER had any of the aforementioned problems. Heck, I've put the camera in my jean pocket, taken it to the beach on numerous occassions, rubbed the lcd screen when it got smudge marks, and my camera would still be in optimum shape. This is coming from a S230 and S400 user. So far, my SD500 is working perfectly fine. And so, I feel it's a bit unfair to criticize Canon. No company is perfect. FYI, I dealt with Panasonic customer service and will tell you that most of them are clueless about the tech aspects of digital photography. In fact a lot of them sound like they are high school kids.

I'm not telling you what to do but if I were in your shoes, I'd send it back to the camera store and order another model from a different store (I've seen the SD500 sell for as low as $389 - $412).

I only wish you the best.
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