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ronimal Jun 5, 2006 3:51 AM

Hello to all Canon users,

I just purchased my SD700.

I am definitely a beginner when it comes to photography so

I need some help here understanding the flash as well as the IS feature.

It seems that whenever I am in a dimly lit area, and I take a photo with the auto flash on it produces a picture that is kind of dark, and generally does not look very well at all.

Please follow my link below to see what I am talking about.

This picture was taken around noon time in auto mode with the auto flash turned on:

Now here is another picture taken of the same area with the auto flash turned off:

As you can see, with the flash off, it definitely looks better, the area is actually brighter and looks more natural. This kind of confuses me, as isn't the flash supposed to help a low lighted area brighten up? How come when using the flash on the SD700 the area actually looks darker? This also occurs in say a hallway that is lit by fluorescent lighting.

Also as you can see in the 2[suP]nd[/suP] picture, although the general area looks good, but there is blurring on several people. I have found that when the flash is turned off, I get pictures that tends to blur, I have read in many reviews about the IS feature working great in low light areas without a flash, but it doesn't seem so when I try it. When I turn the flash off, and press the shutter halfway, that blinking red camera shake warning always pops up and it seems as if I have to hold the camera really really steady to catch a non-blurring shot, and really the areas im shooting in isn't even that dark.

I kinda expected more out of the IS feature. Im just not getting the real sharp pictures I was expecting.

Can someone please explain this?

I also took some other photos around the city of Taipei using my SD700, please take a look and let me know if my Camera is operating properly.[email protected]/

Definitely, I notice in brightly lit outdoor places this camera takes great photos, but in indoor poorly lit areas, the pictures doesn't seem that sharp, and when the flash is turned on, it doesn't produce a very natural photo.

Please help. Thanks.


DarkDTSHD Jun 14, 2006 11:16 PM

Hello Ron,

I'm new too to digital cameras. How has your experience been with the SD700 so far? I mean besides the flash thing. But, I have a feeling that's you and not the camera itself. Being a newbie. Any problems with the camera itself so far? How long have you had it?

Today, I just returned my Sony DSC-H5. Gave me bogus battery level readouts and would suddenly shutdown. Of course I had newly charged NiMH batteries in it.

Considered the Canon S3 IS. Then read the bad reviews. From soft picture quality to focus issues. Unreal!

Now, I'm back to SQ1, looking for some new prospects. The SD700 and SD630 are well as the older tried and true (according to the few people who have posted here at Steve' batter problems or shutdowns) DSC-H1. Really would like a camera with 12x optical zoom and IS.

Good luck.

Dark Cobra Jun 18, 2006 6:31 PM

I can't really reply on the two images since they seem to have been removed from the host server. I can tell you that the flash on many small compacts are quite short in coverage area. If you decide to repost the images then perhaps we could comment a bit more. All-in-all, the SD 700 is a fine camera for it's purposes.

Just as an added thought . . . if you have your settings for "Auto ISO High" then take it off of that mode and either go with "Auto ISO" or better yet switch to Manual.I say this because "Auto ISO High" will always select very high ISO's thus rendering grainy images. The SD 700 (like most other cameras) renders much better images at ISO's under 400.

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