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Gimli Nov 7, 2007 11:20 AM

I'm looking to pick up an 'ultra-compact' digicam and I'm leaning towards the SD750 mainly because it's LCD is a little bigger than the SD1000.

Other that the 0.5" difference in LCD size, there isn't anything I noticed that is different. Other than price point.

The SD1000 is $229 here in the west coast and the SD750 seems to be $269-$299 or so.

Has anyone used either camera? Steve's reviews are pretty much saying they are identical except for the LCD screen. The SD750 with the larger screen removed the silly little view finder and gives the camera a nicer look ;) I'll be using the LCD screen anyway for taking pictures as this will be for the bar/clubs etc since it is perfect size to place in a pocket.

I'm tired of carrying the EOS 350D around when I go out ;)

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