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Default Selecting a used Canon for ebay photos?

I'd like to get a used camera (under $80) only for taking pictures for ebay listings. (I have other cameras for other purposes, but none quite make the grade for macro shots and aperture/exposure control.)

I need a camera that can focus very close for fine details, like down to the size of a dime. It also must have an aperture priority mode available (OK if this is via CHDK).

I'll use a tripod and a small light tent. I'll never need to print the photos, just post them online. 1920 x 1080 or 1600 x 1200 after a little cropping would be adequate size, so I don't need a huge mega pixel count at all. Maybe 3 to 5m pixels would be enough. That's why I think an older used camera would be up to the task. (That and I used to be able to eek out pretty good shots from a 1.3 mp Olympus many years ago by paying attention to good lighting and composition. That camera had a pretty good lens and I'd still use it but it has 3 or 4 hot pixels that are a pain to edit out in each photo. Now that I want to go back to selling a few things on ebay, technology should have advanced to make it a bit easier, right?)

I'd like AA batteries, so I was mostly looking at the A series cameras, but that isn't an absolute requirement. I've been reading reviews and specifications until my head is spinning. The A470 caught my eye because of the super-macro mode. Can you suggest anything better, keeping in mind this is a low-budget project?

[I do want to stick with Canon, mostly because of CHDK, which I have recently installed on a different camara. I'd also like to get back to doing more photography in general and it seems easier to learn one manufacture's interface in depth instead of switching around from Nikon to Canon to Olympus, etc.]
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Now I'm leaning towards a SX130 because of the close focus down to 1cm and good reviews for a general use camera. It's more than what I wanted to spend, but useful for other things besides ebay. On the other hand, I was also looking at a used G3 for the larger sensor.

Is anyone using either of these primarily for close-ups ? Any comments?

Sorry I didn't put this in the "what camera" forum, but I really wanted to focus on Canon.
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I used to get very good macro results with a canon a410... for some reason canon puts decent macro capabilities into some of their lowest end cameras.

The Canon Powershot A800 actually will focus down to 1cm in macro mode everything else in the line up only goes down to 3cm.

If your goal is really just to shoot for ebay assuming you have decent lighting the Canon Powershot A800 will probably do just fine at $75 new...

not saying it's what I would buy but based on your requirements it is what I would recommend.
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The a470 I mentioned fell out of consideration when I found out it has no iris, just a nd filter. I want an aperature priority mode so I can stop down for depth of field.

The a800 looks very interesting, but I see it doesn't have aperature or shutter priority modes. So I started looking into the state of CHDK for a800, it's beta. Worse, someone on the CHDK porting thread (post 182) stated the a800 does not have an aperature. I didn't see that in official specs to confirm, but it raises significant doubt the camera is capable enough.

I'm still considering the sx130, or maybe a620. Anyone using either of those for macros?
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Not a Canon- but I found Fiji's S5700/S5800 excellent for macro shots- you can practically touch the lens- and given that the lens widest focal length is the equivalent of 38mm- you really are close..!!
Canon's S3is was good in Macro also....
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I just picked up an ELPH 300HS at our local Walmart... marked down to 99 bucks. I had a Fuji S5000, was a great camera, took well over 20,000 pictures with it before it died. I have to say, though, that I am really liking the compact size of the ELPH.... it will certainly be a lot lighter load to carry back and forth to the music store with me everyday... I can put this one in my backpack or my briefcase, I couldn't do that with the S5000...
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I ended up purchasing 2 cameras, the SX130 for general use and an A630 for ebay stuff. The SX130 would be capable enough for the ebay stuff, but it is enough better than my old camera, that I decided to make it my general duty camera.

The A630 is working out just fine for ebay close-ups and I love the articulating LCD screen when working with the camera on a tripod. I have attached a macro shot from the A130, full frame and a 100% crop. No processing except for cropping. I'm happy with the level of macro detail I can get from this camera.
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