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nacoya Sep 18, 2005 7:39 PM


I took some pics at the recent world rowing regatta. The weather was dismal. Grey and overcast.
The pictures were terrible.
I have only just bought my S2 and as such am just starting to learn it's settings.
Bearing in mind the loch on which the rowers were racing was a grey colour, the sky grey and the subject rowers were not prominent in the frames due to distance etc.
What would have been the best settings to use in these circumstances.
I used auto focus centre, centre weighted exposure metering, white balance set to cloudy and tried various exposure compensation (and tried AE bracketing) oh yea and all in program mode.

I have tried to get something out of them using photoshop but am not happy with the results at all.

help/advice please.


i can link to a small gallery with the modified images and/or put up some originals, but tbh they are embarrassing.

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