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shawnee3 Sep 10, 2005 11:17 AM

Is there anyway to eliminate the problem I'm having of a small shadow on my pix when using the 52mm lens adapter and built-in flash on my G6?

I like to use different filters and so the lens adapter is important to me. I don't want to have to take it off just to use the flash.

Thanks for the help

dcains Sep 10, 2005 1:19 PM

There are a few solutions, including the one you mentioned, which is to pull off the lens adapter. The second is to use a flash diffuser, such as something like this:

But, the correct, and best, way to eliminate that shadow is to use an external flash mounted to the shoe on top of the camera, such as Canon's 220EX, 420Ex, etc.


Lutz, FL
G6, S410,, S2

shawnee3 Sep 11, 2005 4:30 PM

Thanks Dean. Unfortunately the flashclip is not made for the G6. Know of any other diffuser? The external flash is not an option for us. The G6 belongs to my wife and she prefers not to tote around so much bulk. I tried a 380 ex on the G6 and man it is top heavy.

dcains Sep 11, 2005 9:00 PM

The dimensions of all the G-series cameras are close enough that the same diffuser will work on any one. On the G6, you'll have to bend the rear part of the diffuser bracket a bit to clear the optical viewfinder, though. It's still not a perfect solution, but you will see a real difference. I agree that the G6 is very top-heavy with an external flash, but that's the only perfect answer. I'd try the diffuser, as it's small and inexpensive. To test the concept, you can easily make your own, with some white paper and masking tape. There are always smaller and less expensive flash units for sale on eBay, but they won't work with all the automatic features of the G6.



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