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First post here.

I'm trying to make a decision between the S2 IS and the Panasonic FZ5 (as do so many others also). This will be my first (digital)camera, so I obviously don't know much about them.

What I would like to know is how well these cameras perform when shooting fast moving objects, e.g. motorcycles or skydivers under canopies (going abt 60 mph near the ground). Is the autofocus "fast enough?" This would mainly happen in daylight. (how about in the evenings?)

Is it possible for the camera to focus somewhat decent to these objects even when moving the camera by following the targets motion. (I hope you understand what I mean by this noob question :roll

Some things I like better on one camera than the other:

Panasonic FZ5: Smaller, cheaper, Leica, faster(?) focus, live histogram, battery including in price. (and more reviews to be found)

Canon S2 IS: flip-out LCD, video mode, shutter speeds, manual focus (seems impractical though), uses AAs.

I think I'll be using the camera mainly for landscapes, 'action' shots (mentioned earlier) and regular tourist stuff. A dSLR would most likely suit best for the action shots, but they are out of by budget.

I'll appreciate any input... thanks!:-)

(Sorry about my english)
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Is the AF fast enough? Absolutely.....not. You are correct when you say SLR for action shots. If you insist on using a digicam, buy one where you can set the focus and lock it on something like infinity so you don't have to wait. For the likes of an airshow that's probably good enough. Depending on the distance, probably for motorcycles, too, unless you insist on getting close. In that case, prefocus on a spot, then pan across the area so you catch the subject moving through your zone of focus. Be prepared to work at your action shot-type shooting though, as you will soon find out what everyone finds out when they buy a digicam to shoot moving subjects. Most are not even fit AF speed-wise to shoot fast moving small children.

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hes right.....took my FujiS5000 to Formula1 test day, had lots of focus hunting, didnt try pre setting the focus, should have. Got some good shots but best when cars were going round corners, coming towards me. If one is wizzing past me, forget it.

Best shot attach (took by the gf not me )

Jenson Button infront of David Coultard
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Thanks for the replies.

As I mentioned in my post, this will be my first camera. Because I don't want one of those really small cameras (such as Ixus 40) and can't afford a dSLR, I've decided to purchase an 'ultra zoom'. I think they will be a good way for me to get into photography.
A dSLR would be great in many occasions, but might also limit my progression in the early stages. I don't think I would carry one around as much as a UZ. I'm quite positive I'll get a dslr at some point... maybe in a couple of years when the prices aren't so high.

Action shots aren't the only ones I want to take but it would be really cool to get some nice ones. One of the good things about digital photography is that you can take many pics an save the good one.

I would be quite satisfied if I'd get an action shot like simo...n's gf got. Maybe I'll post here some... someday

btw. Any S2 IS or FZ5 action shots somewhere on the internet to be seen? Or any comments from people who own either one?
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I own the FZ5, i find the auto focus very quick (more so than my old Kokak DX6340 which is only 3mp) and shot to shot very fast indeed.

The auto focus is good at full zoom as well it always locks onto my subject at lightning speed (i've had no problems with it wot so ever).

Can't go wrong with the Fz5 and well i suppose neither with the S2 from the first real review from dcresource just down to personal preference. ( i wanted the lighter and more compact FZ5!!) The battery is very good on the panasonic, ok not as good as the S2 but there was no way i wanted tohav 4 AA batteries needed in a camera ad hav to carry another 4 as spares, anyway the battery in the Fz5 charges in 2 hrs with the supplied charger and they aresmall and light!!

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