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Default So I am curios, what is the "zoom" equivalent of a

I just sold my G3 and purchased a Digital Rebel. I am very curios what the equivalent zoom number is for the 18-80mm lens... Is I am sure there is some simple formula. If not, then could somebody also tell me what the zoom number equivalent is of a 75-300mm zoom lens would be?

Also, to clarify by "zoom number" I am refering to the number the Point and Shoot Dcameras bost, for instance my G3 had "4x zoom".

Thanks much
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The zoom number on P&S is pretty silly actually.
It is just the lenses max/min FL, so if the lenses minimum is 10mm and its max is at 40mm you have a 4x zoom. Almost meaningless to actual magnification

Your 75-300 is a 4x lense and the 18-80 is a 4.44x lense.

It is a great marketting tool though

What you really need to work out is your camera magnification factor. For the sensor in the canon EOS dRebel and d10 I believe it is 1.6 so your 75-300 lense works out as a 120-380 35mm equivelant lense and the 18-80 is 28.8-128 at 35mm equivelant.

This is why it s tough to get really wide angle lenses for most of the digitals.
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If you're trying to figure out what the magnification of the lens is, just take the longest focal length and divide it but the shortest focal length, so the 75-300mm lens is 4X, the 18-55mm lens is a little over 3X. Knowing the magnification is actually pretty useless, knowing the focal length is better. With a digital SLR, most have a magnification factor due to smaller sensors, the Digital Rebel has a 1.6X magnification factor, so it's like putting a 1.6X teleconvertor on a 35mm SLR.
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