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researching my first digital camera.

Needs to have the following aside from great picture quality:
  1. budget up to $250 [/*]
  2. Fast! Must move to the next picture fast. (minimal lag) [/*]
  3. video record with sound [/*]
  4. At least 3x optical zoom
Purpose of the camera: family photos (espescially children), vacation, print and share, video record

After much research I came to the A75 which had everything I wanted at a great price.

The p8 just dropped to $250. The difference of the p8 is that it uses info-lithium battery, more compact, is only limited on the video by the memory capacity (unlike the A75 which can only take up to 2 1/2 minutes)

The question is this.. which is a better camera overall in regards to quality and value for the money. Which will I be happier with in the long run.

Please help me choose. I'm ripping my hair out

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I'm going through a similar comparison.

I have just taken back an A75 and recently used a friends P10 in 3 megapixel mode.Apparently the P8 is similar to the P10.

My views on the A75 after 2 weeks of evaluation: Conditions winter sun/overcast outdoors.

Pros: Great LCD, one of the brightest and clearest I have seen.Fast to use, both switching on, shutter lag, recording images.Big easy to read menu icons.Can be used fully manually (pseudo SLR style). Takes normal AA batteries and the battery life is good. Top notch fast shutter mode. Very "sure" dials and buttons.

Cons:I was a little dissapointed with the images in Auto mode, however I got better pics using the individual Modes with most shots requiring a degree of user intervention. I found the images a little flat "straight out of the camera" but was able to get satisfactory images using post processing software.

Views on the P10, only after a couple of hours playing with it, in outdoors/winter sun overcast conditions.

Pros: Seemed slightly smaller/lighter than the A75. More attractive styling.Fast operation, very easy "point and shoot" operation. Images, I feel under Auto mode have a slight edge, out of the camera, over the A75 .Slightly more image sharpness/saturation. Has Fast shutter mode (not played with this yet though)

Cons: Sony internal battery. Lack of manual modes/shutter/aperture priority.LCD wasn't as good as A75. Menu icons very small and hard to read. Operation a tad more "fiddly" than A75.

With my limited experience of both cameras, I'd say the A75 is more an enthusiasts camera which will allow further growth as more knowledge in digital photography is gained. To get the best out of this camera I had to "drive" the camera like an SLR, using Manual or preset modes drawing on my background of photographic knowledge to get the best out of it.

THe P10 feels like it will give good performance as a point and shoot camera in Auto, but has a few features for creative control in situations that will require it.

Given that my purchase for a digital camera is driven for an upcoming holiday, my requirement was for a good point and shoot camera that would give good results with the minimum of user intervention. I already have a FIlmSLR camera which I plan to take withme forspecialist applications which I still enjoy using.

Therefore at the moment I'm more drawn to the P8 (And alsothe new Samsung V40)

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