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Default Speck of dirt on inside of S45 optical viewfinder

Just got my new S45.
Very happy with everything, except I noticed a slight speck of dirt which seems to be stuck to the inside of the optical viewfinder glass (the one closest to the eye).
Any of you noticed something similar?
Does the viewfinder come apart so I can remove it?
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No, you should NEVER attempt to disassemble a camera, especially when it's still under warranty. Sometimes there are special sequences that have to be followed by the technician for disassembly/reassembly (ever read a car repair manual?). There are some parts that may actually fall out when you open it, and you'll never figure out where they go. If it bothers you and you think it will not dislodge itself eventually, return it to Canon or exchange it where you bought it (if you still can). I had the same problem once with a Canon 35mm P'n'S (there was a human hair inside the finder straight out of the sealed box), and with a white speck within my Fuji FinePix 2800 lens. The Fuji speck eventually either dissipated or moved within a month of purchase, after I had emailed Fuji. The Canon was swapped at the retailer.
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Hey thanks for your advice. I never really intended to disassemble the camera (there is no obvious way to do it).
And, on second thoughts, think I'll learn to live with my speck. You never know it might disappear on its own like you said. If I exhange it the new one might have some other, more serious problem. At least I know that mine works fine.
Just was curious if anybody had same thing.
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