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Default Strange artifact with S45 - can anyone explain?

Dear all,

recently I bought a new photo camera - Canon PowerShot S45.

Unfortunately, there is an artefact which appears in the taken photos and makes me very dissatisfied with the choice which I made. The problem is following: Some photos (not all, but 20-70% of taken photos, depending on the session) have bright round discolorations. The discolorations appear at the random positions, in different amounts (sometimes one only, sometimes many of them). They also vary in the size - some are small, diametar 1/20 of the picture size, some are big, e.g. 1/5 of the picture size. The discolorations are always round, with white colour, clearly visible edge and uniformly shaded inner area (no gradient), which is partialy transparent.

All the pictures were taken in "AUTO" mode. I would like to stress that the lens was not dirty, accident sunlight could not get into the objective, and all the other apparent causes are already checked. It is not the first digital photo camera that I had and I know for sure that I have never seen similar artifact before. In the environment (conference room) where the most discolorations occure I have already taken the photos under the same conditions with my previous digital photocamera (Fujifilm 4900Z) and I had never seen any similar artefact.

Would you be so kind as to advice me what to do? The way as the camera behaves at the moment is (almost) unusable for me. Do you have any idea why the described effect ocures and whether exchanging the camera for the same model could change something. If not, is it a reason for returning the camera completely?

If you need any additional detail please let me know. I can also send you samples of the photos which show the mentioned problem, just give me your mail address.

Thank you very much in advance and looking forward to getting an advice from you,

N. Fisekovic
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Default Stange artifact on the S45

Read your posting about the artifact on the S45 and I think something similar is appearing on my camera. I own a Canon A40 Powershot and a small white circular disk keeps appearing on a number of my photos, mainly indoor ones and I don't know what it is. I have another problem with a bright blue/purple coloured dot appearing in the bottom right hand corner of my photos. I think this is CCD burnout. It appears in the same place every time and I have seen it appear on video cameras that are 5 or 6 years old but my A40 is only 6 weeks old!! It is noticeable when I use Program AE or Manual mode and change to a slow shutter like .5 or 1 second to get a blurring effect or if the picture is taken without the flash. 8)
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Default Spooky Circles

Could it be the "soul of a departed person"? Have a look at this - http://www.ghostweb.com/orb_theory.html

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Are you shooting indoors with the flash? And is this place like a bar or club with people smoking and dancing? If yes then the problem is the flash is illuminating airborne dust. The closer it is to the camera the larger it will appear and the brighter it will be from the flash light.

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I have had the same problem with my S300. However, I soon found out that if I am shooting with the flash and there is dust in the air, I got a lot of "artifacts" or just plain round circles randomly all over the photo. This happens whether I am shooting indoors or outdoors. I think Steve is right on target with his comments.
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Thankx a lot for this answer Steve.
I 've been wondering for quite a time about those strange circles i have sometimes.
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