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photogenic Jun 2, 2003 8:15 PM

Stumped - IXUS 400 or Fuji F410?
Hi all,

I want a ultra compact, point and click, and these 2 are my final choice. I do a lot of travelling and city pics (night and day), countryside etc are the types of shots I will take

There seems to be a lot of advice (bias?) on canon cameras but hardly any info on the Fuji F410. My friends got a Fuji and I know it takes great pics, but I would appreciate you Canon users for some balanced feedback.

Main plus for S400 - 4mb rather than 3mb for F410
Main plus from F410 (aprat from its looks). Fuji pic / colour quality.

Help much appreciated

CanonGuru Jun 3, 2003 2:16 AM

Buy the Canon! :-)

Hmm... The Canon is more stylish in my opinion.

Have you compared the features of these two cameras? There are several sample shots available for each camera on their respective websites. Check these out. If all features are the same and prices are comperable then buy the one that you like design and feature-wise. Also check warranty.

One thing that gets me is the media Fuji is using. Whats a xD card?? Sounds wierd. I use the A70 which uses the more popular CompactFlash card. So does the S400. I also use the cards on my NEX IA mp3 player.

My suggestion is to get an A70. But of course I am biased...a little :-)

P.S. You mentioned color quality? How so is the Fuji better in color? They both take color photos in 24bit, don't they? We can rule out another thing too. I am sure the Fuji will take great picks so it's really not a resolution question. The Fuji is better at that.

It's a matter of PRICE and not brand loyalty or bias..."snuff". If you got the cash and are willing to make a splash, jump on in!

My .02

mazor Jun 3, 2003 7:10 PM

The Canon S400 can take up to 3 minutes of movie with sound at 320 x 240. The Fuji F410 can only take 98 seconds at similar resolution with sound.

I do not like the hexagonal CCD design Fuji uses to extrapolate to 6.0 megapixel from a 3.0 megapixel effective CCD.

The real 4.0 megapixel CCD for S400 will outdo 3.0 megapixel Fuji CCD.


iodine Jun 12, 2003 1:58 AM

The interpolation technique seems dubious,

surely with a bit of maths, you can interpolate extra resolution, from the canon images, in post processing.

is there going to be a 5megapixel version of the s400, ie an s400 sucessor. anytime soon?
the s50, looks a nice camera, bit a bit too bulky.
the s50 and s400 both have a 1/1.8 CCD so there's probably no reason why they can't fit it in the s400 form factor physically.

I know this is in the realms for speculation, but here in the UK we always seem to get products later than the rest of the world, does anyone know if there's mention of such a camera, inthe US or Japan?

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