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Yeah, so I take my trip to london with my nice new Casio EX-Z50. The first day I'm down there I notice a nice set of dead pixles on EVERY FREAKING PICTURE! Luckly I had my dad's camera so it wasn't all wasted...

Anyways, I'm doing my best to get my money out of this camera and upgrading to another. I really want to go though Costco because they have an unbeatable warrenty coverage which really would of saved me with this purchase...

Right now, I'm looking at this cannon. I've read some nice reviews on it, but I don't know if it's really worth it...


I'm not quite a professional photographer, but I'm getting there. I do lots of stuff in my spare time, and probably will do a 2nd business when I can. I see this camera has some impressive video features which is nice but not too nessesary as I have a decent Digital8 camera... All I want is an all around good camera that's farily fast along with lots of manual options too. I really liked the powerful zoom on this one, as well.

So...good, bad?
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The Canon S2 is a great camera. If you're used to using an SLR, it'll feels very familar. It's a little smaller than a film SLR but quite a bit larger than your EX-Z50 (closer to the size of Casio QV-5700).

If, on the other hand, you've gotten used to the compact cameras you should probably consider the Canon equivelent such as the Powershot SD400 or SD500. Both are slim compact cameras with large LCD displays (though the sensor on the SD500 is better IMHO). But both only offer limited manual controls versus the Powershot S60/70 or the A95.

The Canon A-95 is smaller than the S2 but bigger than the S70 but still will fit in a jacket pocket quite easily and offers many of the S2's features (swivel LCD but no anti-shake) for about $200 less than the S2.

I own a S70 which offers a wide 28mm lense and my wife has a SD300 (4MP version of the SD400). It offers the full range of manual controls such as aperture and shutter priority settings. But it's weakness is it's so-so video frame rate (but then that's why we have a digital video camera).

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Thanks for the reply. Actually, I was given a film SLR a few years ago, and used it on my first trip to london along with my old 640x480 digital camera. Since then, I've had more pocket style point and shoot digital cameras, but this is not to say I havn't wanted a more SLR style camera, or think that I could handle one.

I shall look into the modles you mentioned, as I beleive at least one is avaliable at Costco as well... Again, thanks for the input
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