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Default SX130 really that good?

I'm looking at the sample photos of the SX130 posted by this website, and the SX130 is looking good, REALLY good. Too good to be true.

Take a look at this


The detail and (the lack of) noise in this picture is unbelievable. Look at the detail on the flag, it is incredibly sharp. I can see each and individual dots on the flag No superzoom comes close to the sharpness of the SX130, with all of them noisy and soft, where the flag looks textureless.

Not only it destroys all P&S, it is beating DSLRs as well.







The 5D's picture is not representative of the 5D's capabilities (obviously). I don't know why it is up there.

The ISO 1600 shot looks incredibly clean (compared to other P&S)


In fact, it looks about as good as a SX30 at ISO 80


I don't understand. Does the SX130 really perform THAT well?
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Old Jan 4, 2011, 10:10 AM   #2
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It's not the speediest as far as shot-to-shot time, flash recycle time, zoom performance, etc. AF and what most would perceive as "shutter lag" is OK for my purposes. But the zoom rocks and the IQ is very nice.

This sample is from my very first outing with the camera. I cropped and removed a power line with The Gimp, but didn't have to tweak color at all. I'll post the original if you'd like. I used P mode and auto ISO. The camera selected ISO 640. A little noise in the blue sky but not bad at all.


I'm keeping mine. :-)

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Here's a shot that pushes the sx130 pretty much to it's limit. Indoor sports is always a challenge, especially from the last few rows. ISO 800. Shutter priority at 1/320 sec. Zoomed to about 250mm (full frame equiv) or 9x.


The 1024 x 768 version of this one is a 100% crop of the above.

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That last shot is impressive, Ron-

Considering the amount of zoom used, the image quality at ISO 800 looks very good indeed.

Sarah Joyce
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Thanks Sarah.

It's noisy for sure. But on my 22" monitor the uncropped 768 x 1024 image (it actually is slightly cropped for composition) is just a bit larger than 8" x 10". The noise is visible but not distracting and the detail on the facial expressions is good. I'd be hard pressed to do much better with my a200 and 75-300mm kit lens, although I'm sure one of the newer DSLRs and a faster lens would be a big improvement. ...but the sx130 can be had for around $175 and will fit in a loose pocket.

I'd like to see what a Kodak z150 or a Panny ZS7 could do with a similar shot. I've come very close to buying both in the recent past.

Chengbin, let me know if there's anything else you'd like to see from the sx130.

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good image quality for sure. The good hd video quality and cheap price sealed the deal with me.
canon sx130 is
Sony Handycam HDR SR-11
panasonic gf2 + 20mm f1.7
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