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It is safe with the canon teleconverter to zoom. The picture will be just fine. I have heard that barrel distortion increases at some ranges (just heard that, I don't know for sure) but suposedlly the camera does that a little without add on lenses. It is minimal and is not a significant problem. Optically the quality should be just fine. I could not tell you exactlly what the usable zoom range is (I don't have that lens/camera combination) but you will be stuck using the telephoto end of the zoom range. It will not phisically hure the camera or lens to go to wide angle but the image will vinyette quite a bit. Perhaps someone using a g3 with the canon lens could shed some light on how much usable zoom range there is?
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O.K. Some G3 telephoto advice. If you don't go over the first digital settingon the zoom the pic should be great. With any digital type camera with an optical zoom going into a digital zoom you will get grainyness. With the G3 I can go with or without a telephoto 4x for max optical zoom and up to 5.7x for a clear pic if I go all the way to 14x the pic will get bad especially the farther away the subject is. The farther into the digital zoom you go the grainier the pic will be. The chip on the cameras can only do so much with the input it receives. I have pics in full digital zoom that look good as long as you don't try and blow the pic up. It gets even worse when the subject is a long way off. Also using that much zoom you will probably have to use a tripod. I have pics taken at full zoom if you want some emailed to you. Just let me know.
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What do you think about Crystal Vue lens 8 x 32???
Is it better than the Canon teleconverter?

Thanks in advance

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