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afro_ninj4 Jun 30, 2005 5:52 PM

Is there any kind of action, burst, or high shutter priority mode or scene on this camera?

slipe Jun 30, 2005 6:21 PM

No. It is one of the few complaints about the SD series. Don't know what Canon was thinking.

afro_ninj4 Jul 7, 2005 9:11 PM

was looking at the sd 500 on the canon website, and it said the kids and pets mode uses a faster shutter speed...can anyone confirm this? also, is there manual shutter priority on either the sd400 or sd500

slipe Jul 8, 2005 12:39 AM

I've seen a couple of comments like this from reviewers. It would seem odd he missed the kids mode. Maybe he was just looking for the standard "sports" or "action" mode and missed it. From the DCRP review:

"The only real manual controls on the SD500 are for white balance and shutter speed. The custom white balance option lets you use a white or gray card as a reference, for perfect color in any lighting. The long shutter speed feature lets you manually choose a speed range from 1 - 15 seconds -- great for long exposures. Too bad there's no way to force a fast shutter speed for action shots."

Steve makes it clear there are no manual exposure modes:

"But the absence of shutter-priority, aperture-priority or manual exposure modes doesn't mean that the SD500 limits your creativity;"

It is confusing because Canon has a "manual" mode on the camera. It just takes you to various settings, but no manual exposure or focus.

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