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Default Time Delay with A620

I am struggling to try to figure out how to do time lapse photography with a Canon A620 for a demolition and construction project my company is doing (starting Tuesday!) I am seeing all of this stuff with Canon Hacker software, but this stuff seems way out of my league. Can any one send me to a step by step site to figure this out?
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Welcome to the Forums.

I'll move this thread down to our Canon Forum, where you may find some of our Canon shooters trying to do the same thing.

But, AFAIK, your model does not appear to have a feature that allows that functionality, unless you use something like CHDK with it (which is not supported by Canon, and could potentially void your warranty, depending on how someone interprets the use of a product designed to add functionality that is unsupported by the manufacturer). The argument that it shouldn't void it is because it doesn't actually replace the existing firmware.


It looks like someone has an Intervalometer script that can be modified with values for specific timers here (but, it appears to be camera model specific to some extent what script functions you'd have to use with it). You'd have to modify the script with the timings you want to use, then copy it to a specific folder on an SD card with chdk installed from what I can see from the Wiki. But, I'm not familiar with CHDK, other than a quick skim through a couple of pages about it.

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Default Remote Shooting

Your A620 has remote shooting capability. This means you can connect it via the supplied USB cable to a computer, like a laptop, and control the camera remotely through the cable. The features available include time delay/intervalometer capabilities.

The feature and how to use it is described in the Software Starter Guide that came with the camera. If you cannot find the guide, you can download a PDF version from Canon at this link. Here is another link to a 3rd party software that expands on this capability.

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