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jefkemmm May 18, 2006 7:49 AM

Greetings all,

I did a fair amount of research and purchased the sd450 about 6 months ago, inspite of my best efforts to find a happy medium between the overbearing flash that washes out everything, and shooting in manual mode with the ISO cranked up (noisy/grainy or just plain blurry)--i can't seem to get a clear, natural looking indoor shot with this camera.

If I don't use the flash then things are blurry--if i do use the flash things are over exposed. I've tried all the modes-auto, manual, kids and pets, portrait--for a point and shoot, I feel like i'm doing an awful lot of work for not-so-good results.

Outside or in the daylight-this camera is great. but indoors or at night i find i'm loosing a lot of shots and memories b/c things are either blurry or look terrible from red eye or washout.

Anyone else having these woes with sd450? It has gotten such good reviews everywhere--are there any tips for better indoor shots?

Or is this just par for the course for an ultracompact? if so can anyone suggest a slightly bigger camera that truly excells for indoor shots of kids/pets? buget would be upto 400$. This one might be headed for ebay soon :?

Thanks in advance.

Emjay May 31, 2006 11:03 PM

i thought SOMEONE should reply to this at least ... :)On a small P&S like this, your max ISO is probably only 400??? ... in which case it's not sensitive enough for the average indoor scene. Whether you're in manual or in auto, you're going to need a tripod for steady, clearer shots with this camera. When in auto, you'll get all the light you want, but the shutter speed will slow down in order to give time for the low amount of light to register at what the camera considers a 'normal' level, thereby detecting any camera shake whatsoever.I have a d-SLR, which goes up to ISO 3200, and what has surprised me a few times, is how high i need to go for no-flash hand-held sharp clear shots inside my own house, which is a brightly lit house by anyone's standards .... sometimes even 800 doesn't cut it.Get a little mini tripod with bendy legs, then you can set the camera ANYwhere without too much adjustment. Indoor photography with no flash is such a lot of fun ... so don't discard the camera yet, see what improvements you can make with a little tweaking first! I also own a tiny little 'lipstick' camera, and i can get pretty good results indoors with it, but only with the tripod. Your problem could simply be the 'nature of the beast' so to speak.

jefkemmm Jun 1, 2006 9:17 AM

Thanks for taking the time emjay--i did discover that for some reason the AF light/beam was turned off, which wasn't helping anything. That has made some things better....even still i'im not overwhelmed by the indoor performance.

Thanks for the input, i'll look in to a tripod.

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