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spennyd Dec 20, 2002 1:26 PM

Tired of fence-sitters re: Canon S30 vs. Sony P7
It seems impossible to find a strong recommendation regarding these two cameras. I thought I'd be happy with either one, so I went to the store last night to make a decision and pick one up. I ended up going home with the S30 because I thought I really wanted all the extra features. But after thinking about it for a while, I decided that I really won't ever use those extra features and that it isn't worth an extra $50 nor all the extra weight. So I went right back and got the P7. I'm totally happy with the size, the weight, and the overall feel and functionality of the P7. It fits in my pocket much better, I'll be more likely to take it places, and to be honest, I won't ever need the extra manual features found on the Canon. So, if size and feel is even remotely important to you, I'd recommend going with the Sony. If you plan on taking really good, scenic pictures, then the Canon will take better pictures...but let's be honest...that's when you need to go out and buy an SLR or a $1,000 digital camera anyway. For your average point and shoot, $400, digital camera, and 4x6 or even 8x10 pictures...Sony P7 or P9 all the way.

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