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I am not sure, but I really want the new technology and the S410 is great and all but I rather go for the SD200, which is new, supposedly great image quailty and a 2 inch LCD on the back. Also better move features...

Anyone think its a smart move? I always use the 1600x1200 size anyways, so megapixels are not a concern.

The only other diference is focal length:

5.8(w)-17.4(T)mm, f/2.8-4.9

Does this mean anything important??

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Old Nov 4, 2004, 8:28 AM   #2
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I dunno...

I personally wouldn't do it. The S410 is one of the very few cameras around that still uses the Sony 4MP 1/1.8" CCD (one of my favorite small CCD sensors). It's got larger photosites for each pixel compared to the "newer generation" models (which are using smaller sensors). As a result, it tends to have lower noise than most other subcompactmodels.

The new SD200 appears to be using aPanasonic 1/2.5" 3MP CCD (and the Panasonic CCD does seem to be an improvement over the Sony 1/2.7" 3MP CCD). Yet, I personally don't think it'sas good as the Sony 4MP 1/1.8" CCD.

The main complaints I'm seeing about the SD200 on other forums is purple fringing, soft corners and noise above ISO 100.

The main positives are it's small size, decent LCD, fast operation and movie lengths.

Without comparing photos taken in the same conditions with both the SD200 and S410, it's hard to say if the complaints are justified. My gut feeling is that the S410 is a better camera from an image quality perspective though (most likely because it's easier from an optics perspectiveto focus light on the largersensor).
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Old Nov 4, 2004, 10:59 AM   #3
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You are trading megapixels and probably image quality for a smaller size, bigger screen and movie features. If asthetics aside, it's not that good of a trade.
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These are actually the very two ultra compact cameras I'm looking at. Still wating for reviews on the SD200 on this site (coming very soon) and at DCRP (coming sometime in Nov.)

I'm torn between excellent photos, larger pictures-s410 and fast, picture assist, great video -sd200.

Leaning towards the sd200 because too many of my snapshots come out crappy.


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You should compare the S410 with the SD300 in order tostay with the sameresolutions.

Reviews that I've seen on the SD300 indicate that the picture quality is good BUT not as good as in the S410.

You need to decide if the larger 2" screen or the thinner body or the slightly fasterspeed of the SD300 are good reasons for spending money on a camera thatgives slightly lesser picture quality.

Hopefully Steve's will come out with a review on these cameras shortly but unless he provides side by side comparison between pictures taken with the S410 (or S400)and the SD300, it would be hard to tell how much weight to give tothe lower picture quality, ....if indeed Steve comes to that same conclusion.

In any case, we can be sure that Canon is already working on the successor to the SD300 and with an S410 in hand, it's probably worth the wait.

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I definitely agree the s410 should pitted again sd300. Unfortunately for me it's a matter of money

Amazon prices,

s410 + 512 CF card is about $350 (310+40)

sd200 + fast 512 SD card is about $340 (280+60)

sd300 w/o card is $400
I've compared alot of the picture herefrom ultracompact 4MP cameras and for the money I think think the s410 is best.

I'm still on the fence with the sd200 and s410,


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There are some pictures from the sd200 posted at DCRP


unfortunately similar pictures were not taken with either the s400 or s410 but there are many other cameras with pictures from close to the same spot

To my untrained novice eye, I think the pictures are pretty good.

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Old Nov 5, 2004, 2:37 AM   #8
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Just another opinion from a total novice! I sold my a95 to fund the purchase of an sd300. I have had an s500 but found it was too weighty to take out, same as the a95. Now the a95 I thought gave fantastic pictures but in the 2 months I had it, I maybe took 60 or so pictures. I'va had this sd300(Ixus40) for 3 days now and taken 113:?!! So for me the trade off has been worth it. Not quite as good pictures but a heck of a lot more of them as I actually take this thing out with me.

Good luck with your choice.

edit for tyops!

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