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Default Trouble with SD card

I have a Canon SX40 and love it. I purchased some SDHC cards for an upcoming trip. I have one Class 6 32gb SDHC card that I formatted in the camera. However when I take pictures the counter stays at 9999 and doesn't move when a picture is taken. I can replay the pictures and delete them, but the counter stays at 9999. Any ideas how to correct this?
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I think that's because the actual capacity for still photo's is in excess of 9999 when using a 32GB card- and that number will only begin to drop when the capacity is less than 9999.
In other words- the capacity may actually be 12,000- but your counter will only begin to drop once you've shot 2002 images on that card. It's simply because the counter only has 4 digits.
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You probably can't

Many cameras are designed for a 4 digit display of photos remaining.

With JPEG, file size will vary by content. But, it looks like Canon is saying Fine Quality JPEG images at the highest resolution setting will be around 3084KB/Image, and you can get approx. 5,040 images on a 16GB Card, meaning you could store approx. 10,080 images on a 32GB card.

See page 57 of the user guide.


So, until you take close to a hundred photos at the highest resolution and quality settings (and again, file size will vary by image content with JPEG), it may show 9999 images remaining with a 32GB card, because it's probably only allowing up to 4 digits for that purpose.

Added: I see that SIMON40 beat me to it. I was busy searching for the manual links before I hit the Save button when responding. ;-)

That's a common issue with cameras (only 4 digits used for photos remaining, and when you use some of the larger cards available today, cameras may show 9999 available until you take enough photos for less than 9999 to fit in the remaining space on the card.
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Thanks a lot for your help.
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