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chadreev Apr 3, 2004 12:03 AM

Underwater case for S500
I'm considering getting a Canon s500 vs Olympus S 410. The Olympus is weather and water resistant. I'd primarily be concerned for protection when taking it on bicycle trips, skiing, beach vacations, etc. The Canon has an optional underwater case. Does anyone have any experience with the case? Does it make the camera too bulky to be pocket-size? Would it be satisfactory to put the Canon in the u/w case and just keep it in the case when going to the beach, or having it out in the elements? Or should I just go with the waterproof Olympus right out of the box, and forget about the case? Thanks for any suggestions.


kd6yw Apr 15, 2004 11:57 PM

Underwater case for S500
I spent a week doing underwater photography with my Olympus 5050 underwater, My dive buddy had his canon s400 with uw housing all week. It worked great as a dive camera but the housing definitely makes it not a pocket camera. It would be very awkward above water. Access to controls, view of display, and keeping the second lens clean (two more surfaces) would be a pain. It is a great underwater camera for scuba or snorkling.

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