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Really upset right now.

Last week I took my pampered 5D2 with 24-105mm lens attached out of its camera bag proceeded to take the lens cap off and zoom. As I started zooming, the front element simply fell off and hit the ground. I couldn't believe it. It just fell out. The front element sustained cosmetic damage around the bezel and a circular washer? on the lens innards was displaced.

I called Canon repair and arranged for warranty servicing. Today I get an email with an $328.27 repair estimate!

So I call the Canon Factory Service Center today to try to sort this out. First I dealt with an argumentative representative who proceeds to tell me that the damage was caused by impact damage and that is why I'm being charged. This person wouldn't listen to me So I asked to speak to her supervisor.

I was pissed but remained cool and calm. I explained to Marvin the supervisor what happened and he said that he is 'escalating' the issue and that he or the Service Center will call me with an answer on Tuesday.

I'm not happy. We will see what happens on Tuesday. What happened to the lens is exactly the truth. I feel really pissed off right now because
A) I'm being called a liar and have to convince these people of the shoddy quality of this particular lens they shipped with my new camera.
B) The lens is only 6 or 7 weeks old and wasn't cheap.
C) Hassle

I'm not ranting but if this doesn't go my way I'm done with Canon.
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Please let us know what the out come is. I hope that Canon will cover the cost for you.
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Well Tuesday came and went and 'Marvin' the supervisor at Canon Customer Service didn't call me back as promised. I waited till 2:30PM this afternoon and then once again called Canon Customer Service to speak to 'Marvin' . After giving my Repair Order Number to another individual I was once again told that the damage was caused by 'impact damage' . After explaining to the nameless individual on the phone that the issue had been elevated and the reason I was calling was because I was told on Saturday by 'Marvin the supervisor' that he would call me Tuesday to discuss this issue, I was placed on hold for 5 minutes.

I was then told that Marvin had left for the day and I should call him tomorrow. I informed the phone agent that I was the one expecting a call and that this should be passed on to 'Marvin'. I was told a message has been left for him.
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Canon.................worst..........customer..... .......support..................ever.

They don't care, they don't have to. Being # 1 lets them behave that way I guess.
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