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Default Upgrading from 6D MKII

I was looking for a little advice. I've been a long-time Canon owner and currently have a 6D MK II which has served me really well. I used this and an older 6D MK I on a trip to Africa a few years back (one with a 24-70 f/2.8 II, the other with a 100–400 f/4.5 II) and it was a great "cost effective" combination. I mostly shoot while hiking, so lots of outdoor scenes — though I do enjoy taking portraits.

I recently purchased a Sony A7III to test and have found the controls a bit… lacking. I'm a big believer that the photographer makes the camera, and not the other way around, but am finding that the Sony is at times almost an obstacle to my shooting, despite the portability. I really dislike the screen cannot be closed / flipped around, and the shutter remains open on lens changes (when changing lenses outdoors especially). That said, I recognize the DSLRs are becoming ant192.168.0.1 routerlogin 192.168.l.l
iquated, and was curious about the R-series.

I was somewhere between the EOS R (because cost has really come down) and R6, because of the image stabilization it offers. The alternative is to simply hold onto my 6D II and potentially invest in a few better prime lenses (Upgrade my 50mm to an L-series).

I liked the 6D MKII over the 5D series mainly due to portability. And I will say, the Sony's size means I'm much more inclined to carry it around, but the shape of the ergonomics also make it slightly annoying to hold so far.

Also worth saying, I don't do much video (I futz around with it, but I almost exclusively shoot stills).

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G'day h73

In terms of specs, the Sony is similar to may other full frame cameras. Insofar as 'knobs and buttons and menu screens", a) each camera is different and b) each user has their own 'modus-operandi'. It is why each of us prefers a particular brand rather than another ... coz it suits us

I suspect that if you are well used to the 'Canon system' then stick with that, if only for the means of sharing lenses etc.

Also, for hiking and bushwalking may I offer you a suggestion - maybe a wacky one, but nonetheless ... consider something like the Canon Powershot SX70 .... yes a small compact superzoom / bridge camera with a massive zoom, and nearly all the features of your big 6D without the weight

disclaimer ... I used to be a big SLR user and now love superzoom, fixed lens cameras ... all the features without the complications of extra lenses & stuff

Hope this helps
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