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Default Uploading pictures to an A70

I am trying to upload some pictures taken with my old Olympus C1 (which I don't own anymore) to my Canon A70, so I can show them to some friends on a tv screen.

This works for most pictures except the ones that I rotated. It says the picture is not a JPEG (?) or if I rotate the picture back it says "This picture is not taken with a Canon camera or was edited afterwards".

Is there some solution to this? I'm guessing they are not saved in the correct JPEG format, but I don't know what the correct format would be, or which program to use to save them in that format. Of course it could be something else as well!

Any help is very much appreciated....
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I've done a little uploading to my A70 too, and have experienced this:
If a picture is altered in any way (rotated, crop or other) the A70 can't upload it anymore (not even pictures originally taken with the A70 and saved only by Zoombrowser).

I don't think it have anything to do with a wrong JPEG format.

I'm quite surpriced, that you are able to upload the Olympus pictures!

Not much help I'm afraid.........
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Originally Posted by Fly
I'm quite surpriced, that you are able to upload the Olympus pictures!
So was I! I was pleasantly surprised that uploading worked for most of them (the ones I didn't rotate). I also figured that if I can upload pictures from another camera, I should be able to upload almost any kind of picture, if it is in the correct format. So I am wondering what the difference is between a rotated and a not rotated picture from another camera.

I think it must be something to do with file format. It is not the picture format itself, because I tried to rotate the pictures back, but then they still wouldn't upload. Obviously Zoombrowser changes the picture in a way that makes it impossible to upload it back to the camera. What could this be except the file format?
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can you tell me how to upload pictures on my Canon A60? I didn't notice this feature yet, but sounds interesting.

Concerning your problem:
Maybe the cam needs pictures with exif-data, and this data might be lost, when you change and save the picture again.
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Default Uploading pictures


You can upload pictures to your camera with the Zoombrowser application that came with your camera. Select te pictures and click the "upload" button.

You could be right about the exif data. Would there be any way (some piece of software) to add exif data to a picture?
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The easiest way to upload to the A70 is to use a card reader.


This is a legit deal, I own one myself. The free shipping is a real plus.

Once you hookup the card reader, XP will be able to use it as an extra hard drive. If you have 98, you just have to download the drivers from Biostar. Once it's up and running, it's just like another harddrive, click and drag, or copy paste. I haven't touched zoombrowser since I got it. (I can't stand that $&*^)

The drive is hotswappable, meaning you can just plug the card in at any time, and pull it out when it's not being accessed.

The biggest plus to doing it this way is in taking your photos to a Fuji Frontier lab. Mine has card readers on their computers where you upload your photos to their machines. The card reader frees me from having to burn a CD.

Just my $.02
Dan O.
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Old Aug 21, 2003, 9:53 AM   #7
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Default Camera as card reader

I found out that it is possible using a cardreader as Melboz said. But I don't want to buy a cardreader for this one occasion.

Is there anyway I can upload pictures to my A70 without a cardreader? Windows Explorer won't let me "drag" files to the camera icon. Is there some piece of software which will enable me to upload pictures to my Camera. I can't use Zoombrowser because it doesn't accept the files I want to upload (even though I can view them on the camera if I copy them to the CF card using a cardreader)
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Old Aug 24, 2003, 4:35 PM   #8
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try this: http://jpegclub.org/cam4you
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Hi all, i've been watching this forum for a while. This, and other sites and forums helped me make the decision on the camera i just bought. And guess what... my precious is a Canon A70. You did not know that did ya?
The thing that bugs me is that i don't know if i can upload on it's other type of files than images. That is, without using a card reader. Wingoz sees it as a digital still camera or sumth, and i can download the pictures directly, don't use any of that s******y soft that came with teh camera. But i cannot upload. I bought a 256mb CF for this purpose also (mp3, drivers, or whatever). So that i use it as a USB flash disk also. I have a friend that owns a olimpus, don't remember the model or the flash card type (was not CF) and his camera is seen as a removable drive and he can upload download anything to and from it, just as if it were a USB flash disk. Neat.
I was hoping i'd find something on the net but nooooooooo
Do you know why that is (i cannot upload) or how can i upload?
Also, if i buy a card reader and use it to upload files to the CF, shoot some pictures, then can i download them to a comp that only has USB?

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