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tyros Dec 30, 2005 3:38 PM

I got rid of my Canon A75 and bought the S2 IS. I want to use it mainly as a Video Cam.
So far everything is impressive except for the Zoom. You hear it clear in the playback. It's very obvious.

While the camera is still new its zoom is clearly noisy. When it will get older the noise is gonna be real annoying!

Do you think the camera is defective? I read some articales that suggested that the zoom is completely silent. I'm very disappointed.

BTW, any idea on how I can burn the movies into DVDs? I read that I can stitch/cut movies with Virtual Dub. What tools are needed?

Thank you.

Setiprime Dec 30, 2005 6:20 PM

Tyros - I use a program called "Cheetah CD burner" it is inexpensive and works well for VCD's and DVD's. don't have the address in front of me but just google it.

tyros Dec 31, 2005 11:44 AM

Thanks for replying. I'll check that program.

What about zooming in movies. Do you hear the zoom noise?
They write on the S2 "UltraSonic", but the zoom sound is clear.

Is my S2 defective?

Kastytis75 Dec 31, 2005 3:29 PM

I am using Canon S1 IS...i have never heard zoom sound in video...
i think ultrasonic motor is the same for S2 you shoud do not heard it too

Furd Jan 1, 2006 1:06 AM

Canon S2 IS, I just finished some video's with lots of zoom and NO hint of any noise.
You should have it checked out.
BTW .. The high res mode is great, much much better than an analog camcorder.

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