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rminev Nov 8, 2005 3:00 PM

Approx 4 mins video clip recorded on 640x480 30 fps is around 500 MB.
In the same time a full movie in AVI format is 750 MB. Any sudgestions how can I compress my video files in a reasonable size, pls name the programs which I can use for.


kassandro Nov 9, 2005 6:59 PM

Go to the doom9 forum. There you will find ample information on how to compress your digicam videos to a reasonable size and such that they can be played back on a DVD player.

Phil999 Nov 13, 2005 12:01 PM


One FREE compressionutility is Windows Media Encoder 9, which converts to WMV files- there are lots of compression options to choose from. You need to play around to find that is best for you but I would start with the VBR ( Variable Bit Rate ) 2M option. This should produce quite a bit of compression without any noticable distortion.

You can get it from


Phil999 Nov 16, 2005 2:48 AM


Another piece of software you could use is "RAD Video Tools". You can recode your AVI files to AVI files with DivX, XviD compression to achieve very substantial compressions.

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