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I`m a new owner od S2 and I`m delighted with its quality and features...all the talking of bad zooming, and card and battery rejections seem to avoided my camera, but I still have a non-responding state when i trasnfer large videos 500+ MB. I bought 1GB card just to take full advantage of great movie quality of this camera, but i wass dissapointed when whole thing tilted when i trasnfer large movies , i tried different usb slots, tried to copy it under explorer, but nothing....it starts and stops at 50-60%...i know that i can crop down movies, but i dont want to do that, i want them long.....
and btw how can i stich multiple movies to one? and how do i downgrade the size of the movie to divx-like quality/size? Hope i get some answers.
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I dont know about your movies problem. The largest I have recorded was around 250mb.

There are software to stitch movies into 1 file, and to compress them to DivX format. I think Virtual DUB can stitch them. It may be able to compress them as well, if you have the correct codecs installed.

Vitual Dub is freeware I think.

The decoder for divX is free, but the encoder not. You can always try Xvid (divX spelled backwards) to encode your movies. It is free as well.

I have not used any of those myself.

Try www.divx-digest.com. From there you may find what you need.
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I have an S1, which seems - as far as videos are concerned - very similar to the S2. I shoot many videos at [email protected] fps and didn't experience the any problems. Sometimes I fill a entire 1 GB Sandisk Ultra II with one video (a little bit more than 8 minutes). I always download pics and videos with a card reader, because the S1 only supports USB 1.1. Perhaps, there are some driver problems in your case. Have you tried a card reader? If it fails as well, then there is something wrong with your USB driver.

Yes, you can join and cut mjpeg videos with Virtualdub. You also need the most recent alpha version of the ffdshow codec. When you install this codec you have to enable mjpeg decoding within ffdshow. When you cut and join mjpeg videos, you should enable "direct stream copy" in Virtualdub, otherwise the video will be reencoded, which costs time and quailty. With "direct stream copy" reencoding is avoided and you won't suffer any quality loss.
If you wont to convert to DivX, use the free XviD codec instead, because it is simply better. When converting to DivX you get a much better compression rate and quality, if you shoot your videos with a tripod. It makes a big difference, because camera motion is a terrible enemy of compression. My S1 videos are extremely sharp - I would even say oversharpened - and fairly noisy, which also very negative for compression. Thus denoising is a very good idea. For this purpose you need Avisynth, but this is an advanced topic and I can say more here. Go to the doom9 forum, if you want to learn about it.
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Try transfering the video onto a different computer. That should help you determine whether its a camera problem or a computer problem.

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Don't use the camera, use an external USB SD card reader (you can get one even for 7 USD if you are looking for something cheap). I use the S2 and I have no problems, even with 1GB movies.
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Make sure you have a high speed card. The scan disk ultra 2 fits the bill and I have zero problems getting full movies.

Also use an external card reader, not the camera. Saves wear and tear IMHO. Plus Canon's uploading software is clumsy IMHO.
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