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porttack May 14, 2004 4:50 PM

I will be going sea kayaking this summer and want a waterproof case fro my G3. Does anyone know of any? I need to protect the camera from spray and possible dowsing but I do not need a scuba type case for use underwater

Greg Chappell May 20, 2004 1:43 AM

EWA-Marine makes a full line of water-proof bags. I bought their model D-CG3 to take with my G5 on a cruise three weeks ago. It worked perfectly, allowing me to take my G5 on snorkeling trips and get great underwater shots.

The housing is a flexible PVC material that allows you to work the camera controls through the bag. This model works for both the G3 and G5. It is not cheap, but is as cheap as it gets for a product made for this purpose- around $180 at B&H in New York.

whittonj May 20, 2004 10:11 AM

There are a lot of options: As mentioned there are the $150-$200 scuba cases but some other ideas--

If you don't need to get to your camera quickly but want to be 100% sure it's waterproof/shockproof/G-force proofed pelican cases are surprisingly cheap-- I think I paid $45 for one that was big enough for a camcorder, charger, batteries, light, spare tape, etc. You can club someone over the head with this thing with your camera in it then dive into a lake and your camera should be in fine shape. sorry just grabbed a website out of the air- waterproof bags are available (I haven't used these, but from what I've heard - they're not the best sollution, but you can take pictures underwater, they're dirt cheap $29-$50 and they work OK with all cameras). You may have to search around for a better site than the one I listed- I've seen some with a plastic "lens" in the side of the bag- pretty much you position your camera lens up against the bag lens/window and you can still take pictures underwater(although not great). Some are just waterproof/sandproof bags.

Reminds me, I'm going rafting and need something for my Elph- probably just a waterproof PDA case for that- I'll wait to drop $165 on the Canon scuba case for the next time I head to the islands.

Greg Chappell May 20, 2004 5:35 PM

Clearly there are cases much cheaper for transporting the camera & keeping it dry. If your purpose for carrying the camera is land only shooting that's the way to go.I simply was giving one idea if what he was looking for was something to put the camera in and still be able to shoot while in the water and still keeping the camera dry, which was how the original question sounded. A plain plasic bag is kinda hard with the way the lens moves in and out, but I'm sure there's a home-made method out there somewhere that would work on the cheap. There are no cheap answers as far as products made for that purpose.

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