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Athlon_Rulz Jan 3, 2003 10:16 AM

Do the cannon cameras double as a webcam, as the Fujis do?

Are there ne other brands/cameras that do?

thx for the help

rimbo Jan 3, 2003 5:19 PM


I own a Powershot A40 and I'm afraid it can't be used as a webcam as such without the use of other equipment. If you want to read down through the following it will explain a 'partial' remedy to this question:


Equipment needed.

1. Canon Powershot A40 camera.
2. Audio/Video lead (I got one with my camera).
3. TV or video capture card with AV sockets to connect the camera
to the computer. It needs to have RCA/Phono sockets.
4. Microsoft Netmeeting (I'm using version 3.0)
5. A fully charged set of batteries or mains power supply.
6. Microphone (if no audio input socket on TV or capture card)

What you have to do...

1. Connect the AV lead (usually supplied with the A40) to the camera
and plug the AV plugs (Yellow for video and Black for audio) into your
TV or capture card.
2. Set the camera to Movie Mode, this mode won't display any symbols
or graphic overlays onscreen while you use it in Netmeeting. Switch the camera on.
3. Start up Netmeeting and click on the Start Video button (triangle-forward slash-
two vertical lines) which is located under the preview screen. The screen should turn
blue and then click on Tools->Options->Video tab and select the driver
from the Video Camera Properties (drop down list).
4. You should also see Source and Format buttons highlighted, click
on Source and change from TV to AV (your new input) and hopefully the
camera will be picked up. There are other settings in here aswell and
you can change them too. The same applies to clicking on the Format
5. When you have completed the settings changes, make sure Show Mirror
Image In Preview Video Window is unticked (so everything appears round
the correct way onscreen). Then click on OK.
6. That box will disappear and you should now be getting a live feed
in Netmeeting.
7. To switch off your live feed, just click on the Start Video button again
(triangle-forward slash-two vertical lines), and the little Windows Netmeeting
graphic will fill the screen.
8. I don't have an audio input socket on my capture card, so if you are the same just
plug in a microphone to your sound card and go through the audio setup procedure.
9. If you intend using your TV or capture card to watch television again make sure you change
back from AV to TV.
10. The zoom also works in this setup.
11. Even if you switch off the Auto PowerDown feature, the camera will still switch off after
2 to 3 minutes (what I found). The only way to stop this is if you press a button
on the camera, for example the zoom rocker switch every minute or two.

Rimbo 8)

Athlon_Rulz Jan 3, 2003 5:26 PM

Re: Webcam??
K thx,

I c wat ur trying to do. Unfortunately my dads gonna be using it all on a laptop... So the Capture card cant be dun. Im asking this so that he doesnt have to spend extra 100$ on a webcam, just use a digicam doubling as a webcam. Heh mayb we'll still get the S30..

Eddie J Jan 3, 2003 6:35 PM

I really would advise you to get a dedicated webcam. They are small and light (often with clips that will latch onto a laptop), they draw power from the USB port (saves carrying more batteries) and they start at just 25-30 here in the UK, and our electronics prices are really marked up so I can't believe you have to pay $100 in the States. (Assuming that's where you are)

Also as far as I understand it, a cheap webcams low-res CMOS sensor much more suited for constant capture than the CCD senors in digicams. Not sure why, but I remeber reading this somewhere a while back.

d77avid Jan 6, 2003 11:12 AM

decent webcams can be had for $30 or less

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