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I just noticed on the Canon site that they now have 16 different digital camera models and yet still no camera that has it all.

If you could build the perfect digital what would you put on it?

I want
-a lens that isat least a 10X optical starting at 28mm.
- good low light level performance
- image stabilization & fast zoom
- flipout bright lcd
- strong manual controls
- unlimited 640x320 movie mode
- lightweight
- $500 or less
- 5MPs or more

I know that each camera has parts of these things but I wish they would just build one with all the best features in one camera.

Am I being unreasonable?


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The good lowlight performance, 10x zoom& lightweight generally go against each other. lowlight performance needs a large aperture to the lens. That makes it big and heavy (unless they use a cheap material for the lens elements. Also a 10x lens usually has more elements in it.

Some cameras have started to do some light folding tricks for more zoom, but I don't know how well that is working.

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Old Jun 21, 2004, 7:23 PM   #3
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I recommend you the Olympus C-5060. It has a wide 28mm lens, but it is quiteexpensive, about $550 online andit is a 4X zoom.

My second recommendation is the Nikon Coolpix 5700. Despite the fact that it has a 35mm wide angle lens, it has a 8X zoom lens and is less than 500 dollars online. Although, I prefer the image quality of the C-5060.

My third recommendation is the Olympus C-750. It has a good 10X zoom lens but it is a 4megapixel camera, and also a 35mm wide angle lens.
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Old Jun 21, 2004, 7:48 PM   #4
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Yep... this is entirely unreasonable, at least for now anyway. To get 5MP and IS with a 10x zoom wide angle lensfor $500 is not possiblewith present technology.
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