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I have done some research into digital cameras and I have decided that the Canon Pro S1 is what I am after.

It seems to me, though, that the 3.2 MP is a little on the low side for this level of camera.

I am hoping to wait until Canon release a new model with improved specs.

Can anyone tell me when it might be expected and what improvements can be expected?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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First you need to figure out what camera you want. Canon makes a "Pro 1" and a "S1 IS". They don't make a "Pro S1". They had a camera maybe 3 years ago with a "Pro" designation that was a stabilized 2.6Mp I think.

By the Mp I'm guessing you mean the S1 IS. It was released within the past couple months so there isn't going to be a replacement real soon. If the camera is successful there is a 1/2.7 sensor in 4Mp they could use if they wanted to up the pixels.

Oly and Canon released stabilized cameras back in the 2Mp days and they were evidently not successful enough to continue making them. Minolta seems to have had success with the A1 and Panasonic some success with the FZ10, so Canon seems to have tried again. They have been the leaders in stabilization over the years and had the ability to get into what might be a new trend quickly. The Oly stabilized lens was made by Canon and I have a pair of great Canon stabilized binoculars. They also have current stabilized lenses for SLR type cameras.

If they sell a lot of S1s they might come out with a 4Mp model with the same sized sensor. It will be a little noisier than the same sized sensor in 3.2Mp, but the Oly 765 use a 4Mp 1/2.7 sensor and the images seem OK.

You can get a stabilized 12X 4Mp FZ10. It is bulkier than the S1 but not much heavier once you put the NiMH batteries in the S1. Or you can get 5 or 8Mp stabilization in the Minolta A1/A2. If the S1 is a success they could upgrade it in 6 months or so, but there is no guarantee they will go to 4Mp even then. They might decide that noise is unacceptable. They would have to redesign the camera for a larger sensor.
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