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Default Why the early discontinuance of the SX1 IS, and no successor?

I was just curious if there is anything now on why Canon essentially dead-ended the path the SX1 IS held in the PowerShot lineup?

Were there problems with the CMOS sensors (or difficulties in the manufacturing process) that caused them to terminate the line? Or maybe a marketing issue of too much overlap with the higher-end lines such as EOS? To my knowledge, nothing else in the PowerShot line is currently capable of shooting 1080P Full HD video.

I like the idea of a compact ultra-zoom with full HD capabilities. Sure, there are cameras in the higher lines with interchangeable lenses and bigger sensors that are better, but for my needs those bigger cameras just hit the point of diminishing returns, and also get too cumbersome to carry the camera, extra lenses, etc. With the PowerShot I can carry a small package, be ready for just about anything, and get quite acceptable quality.

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Just as the HX1 model represented Sony's first attempt in using a CMOS imager, I believe that Canon used the very same strategy, and the SX1 was their "trial horse." It has taken Sony almost 30 months, a very long time in the camera industry for a model upgrade, to even announce a replacement model. That replacement model will be the Sony HX100, that has been announced, delayed, and is no slated to be on dealer's shelves in late April.

Canon has moved the ball forward in the CMOS imager race in the meantime, with the introduction of the very successful HS300 (sold in the USA as the SD4000) and the soon to be on dealer's shelves HS500 model.

In as much as the long zoom models in the camera line are now lead by the SX30, which has actually done better than Canon had hoped. I believe that the possibility of a follow-on model for the SX1 have been decreased but not taken off the board as a possibility. Remember it took Sony 30 months to come up with a replacement model.

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I read up on that Sony HX100 model; many appealing features. It will be interesting to see what Canon's (and anybody else's) response is.

I understand about the long development time compared to other cameras, yet still it was odd for Canon to take the SX1 off the market so quickly (I think it only had about 1 year in Asia and Europe, and less in the USA). Especially if they had no replacement for it in the lineup.

I like the HX100, although one feature I really really like on the Canon S series cameras is the viewing screen that can be protected by folding it closed, or swung out and around in any position. I had to do some self portraits one day and put the camera on a tripod and used the screen as a monitor to center myself in the frame, then used the remote to trigger the shutter. Another point is that I'm mostly a traditional viewfinder guy, and I hate getting nose oil on the back of a camera or a screen. At least I can close the screen with the S series Canons!

One design point I wish they would use is a viewfinder on the upper left corner of the back of the camera. They did this on the old Minolta Vectis S-1 APS camera. It allowed you to use your right eye on the viewfinder and not have your nose hitting the back of the camera. I never owned this camera, but I thought that was a smart design that could more easily be adapted to digital cameras (since the viewfinder is an internal display screen and does not need to remain in any optical path.) Are you listening Canon??

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