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I just got my canon sd300 and when I film videos at 640x480 at 30fps they are super choppy. They run and playback fine on my camera, but when I put them on my computer the playback is horrible (super choppy)! Is there something I'm doing wrong? Thanks guys!
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Well, I don't own your camera, but chances are it's your PC, or the video itself is simply "jumpy" versus choppy.

In other words, either your PC is causing slowdowns when reading and displaying the video (CPU, Graphics Card speed), or you're not seeing choppiness in the traditional sense (i.e., slower frame rate), but could be seeing camera shake instead (image moving around in frame due to camera movement).

Most video cameras have image stabilization to help compensate for camera shake. But, most digital still cameras don't. So, you need to hold the camera steadier to keep it looking better (reduce scene moving around in the frame).

To rule out the later, try a short clip on a tripod.

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I have a feeling it's your computer. Your CPU is likely too slow. Try playing the video with all the other applications (i.e. only the video player open in Windows). Also try playing it in a smaller window (eg. 50% size rather than original/full size)... see if you notice anything... this is assuming that the video is only choppy on the computer...

If the video is actually choppy in the camera (and you don't notice it--possibly because the LCD is too small), then either the frame rate is too low (nope--you are shooting at 30fps which is fine) or your memory card is too slow and can't keep up (you need a higher speed memory card eg. try a 20x+ card)...
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Ok. Thanks guys! I just figured it out. I was trying to play the videos off my SD card. Once I copied them onto my computer and tried to view theym they played fine. Thanks
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