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Default Why the Movie Downgrade on A80?

My wife handed her beloved Canon A70 to someone, "take our picture.", it got dropped once too often, and 'always works' became 'often works'.

I set about to purchase a replacement A70 but opted for the newer better A80. Before making the purchase I noticed 640x480 movies have been apparently dropped from all newer Canons with 4mp or better top resolution.

OK, ridicule us but amoung the 25k snapshots she took (really) with the A70 she took many 640x480 mini-movies that we like having.

320x240 isn't half of 640x480 is one fourth the size

Why the downgrade?? Any alternative?
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I hope that canon and others will stick with using there cameras for pictures and NOT movies. Want movies buy a movie camera. You never will be happy with the qa of the movie on these small cameras.
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To me the movies are like 'stich mode' or 'black and white mode' better to have it and not use it than to not have it available.

The file size to image quality ratio of the .avi s created by the Canon A70 make them useful for many applications.

No, the A70 is not a video camera, some would argue it's not a real camera either but for an otherwise swell 3mp digital camera is also takes VGA /15fps with sound. Why wouldn't the A80?
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Old Jan 5, 2004, 6:01 PM   #4
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Although I donít know Canonís logic behind scrapping the higher resolution video, the fact that I only get 30 seconds of 640x480 quality is quite pointless. Iím forced to drop down to the 320x240 resolution anyways simply because I need the extra few minutes. Were the time limit nonexistent, I would say itís worth arguing over, but as it stands it is a bit of an iffy feature, and not to mention a memory hog.

If I were to guess, I would say the above reason is why they removed it. I wouldnít doubt the public to send many emails about why the hardware canít handle more than 30 seconds, so to save themselves hassle they just removed it. Again, just speculation =)
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Old Jan 6, 2004, 2:49 AM   #5
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This question came up many times in this forum, and no one was aware of any 4MP camera with 640x480 video. My guess, it has something to do with the limited buffer memory (which is the reason for the 30 sec limit, I believe) and processor speed. Personally, I like this video mode and wouldn't trade it for some extra functionality (and higher price ) of the A80. I hardly ever use more than 2MP in my A70 anyways.
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Default 640x480 on A70

I think the 640x480 movie is only avaible from Canon 3M product line (A70 and the small battery version). The 640x480 looks very acceptable on my 65" HDTV.
I agree with other comments that digital camcorder will be a better choice for movie but I have to admit that the A70 has its own convenience: I can't afford a good digital mini DV camcorder now and I can't carry too many gadgets along my body during travel.

The A70 is a good compromise quick fix. I wish Canon did not drop that movie on the A80 model.
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