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Default Wide converters and tele converters for A80 links

I wanted to buy tele/wide converters for my new A80 marvel. So I did an extensive search for the options. Following are the three main places where one can find the 3rd party lens converters and lenses.


1. http://www.lensmateonline.com/A80adapter.htm & http://www.lensmateonline.com/buy2.html


2. http://www.bugeyedigital.com/product...acc-canon.html & http://www.bugeyedigital.com/moreinf...ity_chart.html


3. http://go.dc-accessories.com/int0-canon.html & http://go.dc-accessories.com/int0-adapters.html

All sites have their own 52mm and 37mm adapter tubes.

Lensmate sells Tiffen, Raynox and Canon lenses. They also have Hoya Macro lenses.

BugEyeDigital sells Tiffen and Raynox products. They have listed both CKC Power CrystalVue Sharpshooter 8x Telephoto Lens and Raynox 0.3x Semi Fisheye Lens for use with A80.

Go4dc sells impressive range of Focus Optics lenses and they are the cheapest also.

Hope it helps?

Has anyone used Focus Optic products? How good they are?
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A80 lens converter comparison!

After extensive search, these are the possibilities for A80 converters and their comparison.


One can use Nikon's WC-E63 wide angle converter on A80 using 37mm to 27 mm step-down ring. http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/re...essage=8244617

Please post your experience and opinion.
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Sorry the comparison link does not work! Here is the correct link,

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Hi Kaushama, I was just wondering if you ending up purchasing any of the extra lens that you showed? thanks

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Yeap! After extensive searching I have concluded that following are the best converter lenses for Powershot A80. [In the descending order in my personal view]


Nikon EC2 Tele converter [28 mm rear thread]. It provides 5 non-vignetting focal length stops for A80 out of original native 7 points. It is light weight and small. Only thing is that it is expensive 120$-150$. One needs 37 to 28 step-down rings to attach it. They can be found @,

http://go.dc-accessories.com/int0-rings.html or

Tiffen Megaplus 2x 37 mm converter. $ 69.95
Canon 52mm TC-DC52A 1.75x

If one needs more zooming power, options are
TC-DC52 2.4X Teleconverter 52 mm [Needs a step ring or filter]
CKC Power CrystalVue Sharpshooter 8x Telephoto Lens ;
http://www.bugeyedigital.com/product_main/ckc-cvs8.html and http://www.steves-digicams.com/sharpshooter.html

For more details regarding comparisons visit, http://kaushama.tripod.com/Comparison.htm

Wide converters

Here one has lot of options.

Nikon WC-E63 Wide Angle Converter Lens, 28 mm light weight, least distortion and vignetting. Needs 37 to 28 mm step-down ring.
Raynox DCR 6600PRO 52mm .66x; very little distortion.
Canon 52mm TC-DC52A 1.75x Teleconverter
Tiffen 37mm .56X Wide Angle Converter, vignetting with an aperture wider than 5.0 or so. The lens needs more light and slow shutter speeds.

If one needs semi fisheye,
Raynox HD-3030PRO High Definition Semi Fisheye Lens 0.3x; 37 mm

It is advisable to avoid focus optics and pro tama as one gets what he paid for. Better to avoid kenko as well coz they give fairly severe color fringing.

So I have decided to get Nikon wide converter and still undecided between Nikon and Tiffen tele-converters. Tiffen is almost half the price of Nikon and has four elements. Has anyone got experience with Tiffen tele? Is it worth paying 60 odd $ for Nikon?
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