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I use and Canon A40 and S1IS. My machine uses WIN98SE.

Whenever I disconnect the camera, I cannot reconnect it without rebooting.

The camera is detected the first time, and the machine locks up when I reconnect it. I do cnt/alt/del and wait a while, and it seems MSG32 or something like that is not responding. I cancel that task, and my machine is back, but same thing happens if I try to connect camera again. Does it with both camera.

Some of the Canon readme files refer to turning off the drivers before disconnecting the camera, but I cannot find any docs on how to do this.

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Get a card reader it's so much simpler.
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I agree with quackagator - a card reader's simpler, easier - & faster too.

One precaution I always take though - when I use the card reader I always use the 'copy' command to upload the files from the card to the computer hard drive hard drive - I never use the 'move' command. It was the safest way to do it with Smart Media cards, and I assume it's prudent to use the same procedure with the cards used in the S1 IS.
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I'm not sure if Win98SE (or your version of it) has plug-and-play capabilities. Keep in mind that what you are doing is hot-plugging a device into the computer. Certain OS's do not support this. I know Windows XP does, but even then, sometimes it causes issues with certain systems. I can plug mine into my computer, and I'm running XP, but again certain devices can cause problems.

I recommend plugging the camera in before booting up and then shutting down before unplugging the camera.
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Yeah, it's plugandplay.

With just the S1 connecting to the computer it seems stable enough.

But when I install the A40 things go bad. I don't use the A40 often though.

The Twain Driver (Canon) updates for the A40 are different (older) than the S1.

I think using the A40 and S1 on the same computer may be a no no.
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