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I used following equipments for my friend wedding picture, but the photos come out very yellow color either day in night times. I don't know why, here is the list

1. Canon 20d - M mode, F4, 1/80s, ISO400 -->ISO800, color sRGB, 5200K, set2 with everything at middle except maximum for sharpness.

2. Canon 24-105mm 4L with canon sharpe cut L39 filter

3. Canon 580 flash with TTLII setting automatic

I can reduce the yellowwith the photoshop software by adding the cooling82 filter. Is it the right way to do? is there anyway to avoid this yellow issue? Please help. Thanks all in advance
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First bit of advise is after the fact, but is to shoot RAW - you will have far less trouble correcting color casts later. Since you shot JPEG, a better way to color correct would be to use the Image>Adjustments>Color Balance (Ctl/Cmd+B) and play with the sliders - the Yellow/Blue to start with. Another recommendation for future shoots would be to reduce the sharpness to the default or lower, then do your sharpening in Photoshop. If you must continue to shoot JPEG, set the color space to aRBG because it has more latitude for post processing and make sure you have the correct color balance setting dialed-in on the camera.
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I'm afraid shooting in RAW is not going to help here...
The problem was discussed over here already: http://forums.steves-digicams.com/fo...mp;forum_id=37

The main issue was pretty much MIX LIGHTING!
-> If you do try to play with the yellow/blue sliders when the yellow cast (i.e. incandescent) turn white, the flash (daylight) will turn to blue intead... which you can then use the color picker and change to white: 3300K and 5500K temperature colors can not be mixed in 1-shot or some tint will always remain
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