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I probably should have mentioned this in my other posts... where is my brain? Probably in the crazyness of work.

Several of us have been listing the things that the 10D has that are better than the 300D. If you look at those features and say "well... ya, those would be nice but I can live without them" then get the 300D and get better lenses. Camera bodies become obsolete in a year. Good lenses will last you 20 years. Don't skimp and get a cheap lens only to have to sell it at a loss and replace it. If you can afford good glass, get it.

The only way you regret buying good glass is if you don't use it much. Then it's money sitting on the shelf. But when you use it... you really start to appreciate it.

I was lucky enough to get both a good camera, good glass & a good flash (well, the flash came a few months later), but I planned the purchase for more than 6 months before buying it. The only regret that I have is that I don't use the 17-40 enough. Its a good lens, but I don't have many opportunities to use it (I did tonight, but opted for the 28-135 instead.... probably the right choice, I shot many at around 100... but that 17 would have been nice.)

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flash exposure compensation is something I've rarely used (on my Elan or G2), but you can have it if you buy the 550EX or Sigma 500 DG... flashes.

Flash exposure lock is more convenient but you do have the pre-flash which has it's downside. Some of your subjects may not be expecting a pre-fire and they'll move before the actual shot and end up blurry. Had a whole roll of slides come back useless because of this.

The only thing I miss is picking the metering mode, the work around is to bracket all my shots that are 'iffy'.

Considering that the 10D is likely to be replaced in 2004, I'd stretch for better accessories which will last. Thanks to Eric for putting what I was trying to get across in better words.
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