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[email protected] Feb 1, 2005 5:51 PM

I just finished reading Steve's review of the Canon EOS-1DS and I must say I'm very impressed with his review.

Recognizing that file size and buffer capability could potentially be an issue, Steve tried the camera for us at different ISO's, looking at fps and media write times.

Steve is also sensitive to the fact that these huge images could be taxing on a user's work flow and computer equipment.

And Steve's final sentence:

"We'll simply have to be satisfied with our 20D's, and enjoy the 1Ds Mark II's images in newspapers, magazines and advertising"

Steve speaks to the fact that this camera, although just a dream for most of us to own, is still a benefit to all lovers of fine images thatthese new higher specpro digicamsand their photographers can deliver.

Just reviewing Steve's sample images in their shear capaciousness, redefineto mewhat digital photography can deliver.

Thanks again Steve for providinga site that has been most informative to me over the years, and probably one of the bestreviews I've read to date.

Keep up the good work!

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