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I'm have a bit of frustration trying to figure out what the solution to this problem is. I take pictures of old barns, usually in the morning when the sun is pretty bright. I always seem to get a result where the barn itself is very dark as if the sun is not lighting it much at all and the rest of the picture seems fairly well lit. I've tried auto mode, shutter speed changes etc. Im using a 75-300 Canon IS USM lens and a cirucular polarizer and the Canon lens hood. Can anyone give me some hints to get around this, please!
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I'll just list some thoughts, even if some of them are incredibly simple.

- The sun's behind you, right? haha, moving on...

- If the picture of the barn covers most of the image and it's black or white, the exposure might be thrown off. Try Auto Exposure Bracketing (there's a description in the manual), or simply change the exposure one thing at a time (Ie, try +1, +2, etc.). The positive (or right side of the exposure bar is if the building is white, where the negatives are for black objects)

- (I think this might be the main cause) If your metering mode is set to the default, then then your camera is taking the light exposure of the whole picture. Even if your barn is dark, the bright light from everywhere else will make the picture have an overall average in your "light level", making the camera think your picture is properly exposed. Try changing to partial metering mode (the image that looks like a box with 2 brackets or even the third type of metering mode (just an empty rectangle). These two types focuses on the light located around the middle part of the picture rather than average out the whole thing. You just have to make sure your barn is in the middle.

Hope that helps
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