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i'd like to see a choice of a FF or a 1.6x in all the major categories..

i think the sub $1000 category could be fine with a Rebel XT and its offspring plus maybe an even cheaper one at $500ish..

keep the 20d and its offspring at 1.6x and then add a FF in this price range to give consumers in this economic bracket a choice.. maybe as sensors come down in price, the 5d and its offspring would drop in price to this level...

the 1d/1ds series provides a few opportunities.. i say get rid of the 1.3x and replace it with a 1.6x that is compatible with the good EF-S lenses.. cuz i would love to have a 1.6x crop factor with 45 point and weather sealing (and a 8.5-10fps drive).. and then keep the 1ds and its offspring at FF and high MP..

or you could combine the 1d/1ds.. and have the option of 20+ MP FF and a 4fps drive, or a sports mode that ups the motor to 8.5-10 and crops off to somewhere in the 12-15mp range at 1.6x crop factor.. because of the cost of this monster and the incompatibility with the ef-s, i would prefer them to be distinct.. or in our dreams they could offer all 3..
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"heck, i wouldn't hesitate to put a good copy of the 10-22 on a 20d up against the veneralble 16-35 2.8 on a FF.."

please post it then

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on vignetting- it is dependent on the lighting itself. i rarely get it on my 1Ds2. yes it can occasionally occur but there are remedies for it.

shot this this morning in my backyard.

1Ds2 FF 16-35 2.8L at 16mm

rawoutput converted by ARC and CS2 to jpg. no other processing except to reduce it to an acceptable level for web.

no vignette and there is a thin UV filter on it.

larger image w/EXIF data available:


Attached Images
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man, you're lucky to have such a backyard:lol:!
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thats only part of it. i pay to get it mowed otherwise its 3+ hours for me each time. the house is crap though. you know location, location, location.
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I only see one huge difference between the 1.6x vs ff

a permanent 1.6x non-optical-degrading TC


incredible ISO control.

I'm not too much of a super tele or super wide user, so, I'm not really effected by the 1.6x . Certainly, you can use lighter and cheaper tele equipment that has the same focal length as the heavy and expensive ones on FF and have pratically the same image.

But ISO... if you can boost ISO to 3200 with very low noise... that's an incredible advantage for me. I despise flash! But maybe they'll be able to make an equivalent noise control in the 1.6x without having to increase the sensor.

What I DON'T like about this is that they're selling lenses exclusively for APS-C sensors only. There's already the trouble of trying to switch companies, but now we have to worry about camera types within the same company? And imo I think fitting a FF lens on the 1.6x is better because you won't have corner drop offs on the MTF charts like you would on an aps-c lens.

For now, if FF and 1.6x went for the same price, I'd probably go for FF for my particular needs. But it's not like I'm losing out by using the 1.6x .

Just improve noise control and I'll be a happy camper...
...and put IS into the body...
...and let the camera switch between viewfinder and LCD when taking a picture...
...and make the cameras faster...
...and put more AF points...
...and make it weather sealed...
...and some other stuff...
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