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XT is what the 350D is called in the US right? :s

Anyway... I wasn't sure if this should go in "What camera should I buy?" or not, so I figured go for the more specialised area

A new XT and a secondhand 10D go for about the same price. Assuming the secondhand 10D is in great condition, which would stand out as the better camera? Are there any areas where one reallyoutperforms the other?
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In terms of build quality, the 10D is superb. If you have any EF-s lenses, don't buy a 10D because they don't fit. They will fit a Rebel XT/350 though.

The 10D is bigger physically than a Digital Rebel XT- the first time I went into a store and held the Rebel XT I was shocked how small it felt. If you have big hands I'd try the XT first to be sure you'll be happy with one. On the other hand, carrying a Rebel XT around all day would be a breeze compared to a 10D depending on the size of the lenses you were using. The 10D is moderate in weight, becoming fairly heavy if you attach the accessory battery pack, but it is also rock sold in your hands and feels great. If you value the "feel" of a body and it's ability to take a little rough handling, the 10D is the one you want.

The Rebel XT turns on instantly and the processing speed of image files will be faster because of the newer technology. The 10D takes a couple of seconds to turn on and wake up if you keep it one for long periods of time to where it shuts off automatically. That is the main advantage of the Rebel XT today over a 10D.

Even with the Rebel XT's new ETTL-II flash technology, I would say flash photography with Canon digital SLR equipment is far from fool-proof. You need to work at it and know some basics as to how it works before you can optimize your results. You can't just turn it on, attach a flash and get good results consistently with either a 10D or a Digital Rebel XT.
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Does the XT let you easily adjust exposure compensation? Does it have it at all?
Exposure compensation is trivial to adjust on the 10D, and I wouldn't have a camera that didn't let me change it simply.

I agree with everything that Greg said.

Note that the 10D has less resolution than the XT, but resolution isn't everything.

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Thanks for the replies.

I must admit the camera size is something that's concerned me a little just looking at the respective models in the shops :S I'm currently using Fuji 602z, and the XT even looks small compared to that - particularly in the "hand grip" area.

Presumably neither is particularly noted for having superior image quality as it hasn't been mentioned. Andtwo more things:

Firstly: Any idea about the number of shots you get off a standard battery on each? Though I guess most DSLR's are in the "you can shoot all day, but always carry a spare" catagory anyway.

Secondly: Does either handle better in low light situations? (I do a lot of gig photography) I'm thinking mainly focusing speed and ability, rather than image noise and the like (though I note that the 10D can be pushed to iso3200 compared to the XT's 1600).

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The fact I said nothing above about image quality mean absolutely nothing. I was simply comparing the two bodies as you originally asked.

Eric, regarding compensation, normal compensation is handled like the original Digital Rebel. You have to push the compensation button and twist the command dial. Fash exposure compensation, on the other hand, requires going into the menu system, which on the fly would be a royal PITA. I constantly dial flash exposure compensation due to the nature of flash photography and the EOS system. The 10D has a dedicated dial on the body to go into flash exposure compensation. It's even easier on the original Digital Rebel with the non-Canon software hack in that you have a dedicated button that you can manipulate without taking your eye from the finder. As good as ETTL-II is supposed to be I've seen no evidence that you wouldn't still want better access to flash exposure compensation in an easier manner than what the Rebel XT provides.

Mr. Pogo, you can go here to see images I have taken with my 10D. You can click on the EXIF info at the bottom of every picture to see the technical details:

http://[email protected]/

The 10D lacks nothing when it comes to image quality. Of course, you will get out of it what you put into it. Shoot strictly JPEG in one of the many "dummy modes" and results will not be as good as going into one of the creative modes and learning what works best with each situation and applying those lessons in practice. Also, I don't know that I could point to even one image on any of my hard drives that I didn't apply some amount of post image processing to get exactly what I wanted. I don't know how much digital darkroom work you ever did with your Fuji P&S files, but if you don't apply some minimal amount of post processing work on your images, it won't matter what brand of Digital SLR you use- you will be to some extent disappointed. It's just the nature of the beast. There's all kinds of stories floating around on the net about people moving up from point & shoot digicams and wondering why their images aren't any good, and it tuns out they're shooting in some all auto, portrait, landscape, etc mode and they have no idea what the ISO setting was, what focus point was used, etc, etc, etc. Go into the digital SLR process with that thought process and be prepared to get what you put into it.

Battery perfomance is very good with the 10D. When I shoot an event like a wedding, I used the dedicated battery pack that allows for using two batteries and has a vertical release, and I can shoot well over 500 images- sometimes by the end of the evening the battery condition indicator may show low battery power, sometimes not, but even at low power there's still enough juice left to take many images before the batteries finally poop out. Alot depends on what type lens you use. If you use a lens with Image Stabilization, manuals for those lenses says battery performance can be lowered by as much as 30%. I took my Digital Rebel this past April to the US Virgin Islands for one week. Used the camera without the accessory pack, so I could only use one battery at a time and I took no Image Stabilization lenses. I charged two batteries for the trip, but never had to change during the week.

Typically focussing in low light is very good, but again it depends a lot on the lenses you are using. If there's any contrast at all, my 17-40 f4L lens will usually focus well in available murk at times where my 100-400 f4.5-5.6L won't. My 85mm f1.8 EF will focus very well in most types of light or lack thereof. If you want to focus in complete darkness you either need to mount an EX flash unit which utilizes an infrared beam to assist the system, or you can buy and mount an ST-E2 in the shoe and the camera will focus in total darkness on any subject up to around 30-40 feet with any lens. Here's some into on that accessory:


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I just traded my 10D for a Rebel XT.... very happy! I loved my 10D
Great photos.... the XT responds faster, has more megapixels, is
lighter & with the battery grip is just right for me
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Old Nov 1, 2005, 2:20 PM   #7
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Why did you decide on a 10D when the 20D is quite old too?


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Old Nov 8, 2005, 12:52 PM   #8
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I have the Fuji S602 also, but since then I bought and sold the 300d and now own the 350d/rebelXT. The image from the 602 is nice but the canon is crisper (not as warm and image due to less camera processing) with higher resolution and better build/design. The 602 is almost worthless in resale so I keep it for travelling or quick videos. The things I hate about the 602are the poor focus, no autofocus assist and sometimes even trouble focusing on dull days, slow start-up time. I actually had to send it back when bought new as it overexposed so much that everything was burned out. Fuji repared and sent it back with a 256mb card so happy with customer service. The Canon XTis great and I am really happy with it only problem is it can sometimes over expose but you can dial in exposure comp or if u shoot in RAW it is easy to recover. Still the 602 did give very nice images.
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I would not want to never replace mine 10D with rebel a XT, perhaps a 20D, too much are satisfied of mine 10D :homey:
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hodad66.. I sent you a PM !

I'm in the process of purchasing an EOS XT .. I've been watching eBay for a good used deal.

Trouble is, I dont think I'll be happy with the kit lens, and am looking at mostly bodies only.

I'd prefer the black body over the silver, and would really like to look at some other lenses, like Tamron, or Sigma .. I just lost out on a great deal I saw yesterday for a used XT with a great small Sigma zoom, a 1GB card, and a 3 yr upgrade on the warrantee .. it had a BIN price of $645 ..:shock:I messed around and looked at others .. and when I came back to check it .. it was sold .. :?

Owell .. I'll find something soon ..

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