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I am a newbie here.

Few days ago I bought a Canon Eos 350 Rebel XT Camera.

First I bought a standart 512 Mb Kingston CF card.

Now I plan to buy 1 Gb CF card extra for my cam.

There are lot of card types Standart,Extreme, Ultra etc

What type of a card do you suggest???

Regarda All

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Old Feb 2, 2006, 6:03 PM   #2
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My Kingston Elite series 1gB card has worked out well for me, including for sports and is a good value. If you take pictures at a leisurely pace, it really does not matter.
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Old Feb 3, 2006, 5:13 AM   #3
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I have a 2Gb 80x Transcend card, a 1Gb early IBM Micro Drive and a standard 512Mb SanDisk.

All work flawlessly in my 350D, the Transcend is the quickest, but I only ever find that comes into play when I use continuous shooting for action.
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Old Feb 3, 2006, 5:52 AM   #4
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I've got a Sandisk Ultra II 1gb as well as a Hitachi 2gb microdrive for my XT and the Sandisk pretty much sits in my camera bag as a backup or is only used on a long weekend. They both read and write at roughly the same speed and for the money, microdrives will get you way more storage for the money. But.... they're supposedly quite delicate, thats another reason why it stays in the camera at all times.

I think the write speed of the XT since it has the Digic II processor is about 9mb/s but with the buffer, its going to give you about 14-15 continous shots @ 3 shots per second. Personally, i've found no difference in speed between the Ultra II and Microdrive.

People do go out and buy (waste) their money on these super 80x Lexar CF cards but with the XT, the only gain you'd get that i can think of is how fast you can transfer data from either the camera or from a reader into your PC. I put my Uncles 80x Lexar 2gb CF card in my XT and saw zero difference since the camera can only write so fast. On the other hand, it does help my Uncle out since he's a proud owner of a Canon EOS-1D Mark II N and a bunch of L series lenses which he will never let me borrow. This camera can definitely utilize the super high read/write rates of those 80x+ CF cards.

He still uses his 6gb microdrive for most shooting though and has told me he doesn't feel the need for a super expensive compact flash card since they don't have nearly the price/capacity/performance ratio of the microdrives.
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Old Feb 3, 2006, 8:48 AM   #5
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I was told "Don't ever drop one of those microdrives".

I recently bought a Kingston Elite Pro 50x 2GB card from Robert's Imaging in Indanapolis for $119.00. I got it in anticipation of the upcoming Canon 3xxD or whatever they replace the 20D with. I also have, but have not yet used a Sandisk Ultra II 1GB Card. The rest of my cards are all Sandisk except for 1 Lexar. 1 - 1GB Standard, 1 - 512 Ultra II, 3- 512 standard cards. . .2 - Sandisk & 1 - Lexar.
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Old Feb 3, 2006, 8:57 AM   #6
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Railfire wrote:
I was told "Don't ever drop one of those microdrives
Check page 12 on operating shock: http://www.seagate.com/support/disc/...100375652a.pdf

Like many folks who actually have owned several for years, I have yet to see one dies on me yet!
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Old Feb 3, 2006, 3:47 PM   #7
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I'm using the Sandisk Ultra II, which, BTW, is now $65 for a 1gb at costco.com
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Thank You All,

As far as I understand I dont need to buy a very very highspeed (like sandisk extreme) CF card.

So when I buy a ex. Sandisk Ultra II 1 GB its ok for me.

Again Thanks All.

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Old Feb 6, 2006, 7:23 AM   #9
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Ewok. Thanks for the tip about Costco.com. I already had one Sandisk Ultra II 1gb card and ordered two yesterday from Costco. If you aren't a member you just pay a 5% surcharge. You can't beat $67.99! Circuit City is running a big rebate and is $71.99 but you have to wait weeks for the rebate.

Thanks for the tip!

Trique Daddi
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Old Feb 6, 2006, 2:37 PM   #10
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Sandisk has recently lowered their pricing. Sandisk 4gb Extreme III's can be had for $219...2gb Extreme III's for $120.

Check out mydigitaldiscount.com. Unfortunately, a lot of people heard about this and now, they're back ordered. I believe Robert's still has 'em in stock...just slighly more.




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